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Andrew's Hamburgers - Superpopular Burger Joint

Andrew's Hamburgers is a superimpressive burger joint that knows what it's doing (since 1939), offering great burgers at value prices. Andrew's Hamburgers has a superb customer focus with service with the lot - engaging staff, great menu options and reasonable prices - that keeps customers returning.

Andrew's Hamburgers seems to be the toast of Victoria with visits by celebrities, sporting personalities, the Masterchef judges with their photo on the wall, and many people of our city that have been visiting for years.

Andrew's Hamburgers makes traditional, as distinct from nouveau burgers. You can get yourself an egg and bacon roll or a chicken burger, for example. But the popular choice is the hamburger with the lot.

I enjoyed the famous burger with the lot for a value price plus chips ($2 for a mini). For a start the burger is large. It takes two hands for sure to handle this mother.

The buns are fresh and quality - very important for a good burger. The bacon and egg (cooked in rings) is quality, the lettuce fresh and crunchy, the cheddar cheese wonderfully melted and the burger has the right amount of sauce and fried onion. The star of the show is of course the patty which is quality beef. I felt I could detect some sublime seasoning coming from the patty.

The burger is delicious and they get the balance of elements right. You feel like the burger is neither heavy nor greasy.

And the chips have that crispiness that people want.

The staff here are fantastic and add to the experience. They love what they do. There's a team of guys all wearing Andrews Hamburger's T shirts. I was surprised my eat in burger arrived on a silver tray. I wasn't fumbling around with paper.

If you eat in (limited seating) you will be amazed at how many people come through this place in a short time, even on a supposedly quiet Saturday afternoon.

I noticed families arriving and looking over the photos on the wall that include celebrities posing with owner Greg Pappas.

I can see why people love this place. While I love a nouveau burger I also love that traditional hamburger that's done well. Andrew's Hamburgers has been setting a high standard for decades and are still shining as ever. 


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