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Boatbuilders Yard - Aussie Ambience with a Modern Twist

Boatbuilders Yard is a great restaurant in the South Wharf Promenade, having been transformed from a quaint boatbuilders shed to a modern eatery. Boatbuilders Yard has a rustic ambience, still retaining the charm of yesteryear. It's spacious and inviting. Grab a table by the fire.

Come here for a touch of Aussie BBQ given a modern twist. Burgers here are excellent. We went for the Gourmet sausages in a roll with onion and sauerkraut. A winner. You participate in the process by strolling across to the BBQ - where your order has already been communicated from the bar. The dude cooking up the storm is engaging. 

The Duck, Lamb and Beef options were all sublime. We went for the deal with VB Grenade for extra $2. I suggest they get plum sauce for the duck sausage, not just the tomato or bbq sauce option.

There's also another food pick up area for many of the meals.


Boatbuilders impresses at many levels. It pumps on Saturdays brunch time. The ambience is almost colonial and some of the maritime pieces have been preserved (such as the flags). The big heavy wood flooring is awesome.

This restaurant is a great place to take friends and meet up with people in a relaxed atmosphere. I would say service is good - except that you do alot of it yourself - like an Aussie BBQ. You line up to order yourself then you need to go and get your food yourself. My wife said it reminded her of a mess hall. It can be hard to pick up 4 meals from the BBQ area (as they are all on seperate plates) - hard to juggle.

The fit out is superb. And it's great to take in the river and the Polly Woodside nearby. I reckon it will pump even more in summer.

Boatbuilders is the sort of place I want to return to.

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