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Cafe Alcaston - A Classic Melbourne Cafe Experience

Cafe Alcaston is a hidden gem within the hustle and bustle of Collins Street and Spring Street. Duck in to this charming establishment for a classic Melbourne cafe experience. Unpretentious and consistently good, Cafe Alcaston is popular and a favourite with those that visit.


Cafe Alcaston is famous for its baked pies and great coffee. They use Coffee Supreme and the baristas are skillful. 

The ambience is fabulous in this grand historical building featuring ornate ceilings, dark timber tables and cool cushions, lamps from the ceiling, fleck tiled floor and red ochre walls.

Service here is outstanding. The dude that served me was the consumate waiter and some of the best service I've had in a Melbourne cafe. Menu options appear on a large blackboard.

The breakfast menu is also attractive with options ranging from the melts (see below Avocado, Bacon and Cheese) to Eggs on toast with sides to the Croque Monsieur and a Big breakfast.


You often need to book at lunch time as the place gets packed quickly.

Cafe Alcaston is a great find tucked away and for those in the know it's a winner.


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