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Candied Bakery - Extraordinary Delights in Spotswood


Candied Bakery is a bakery sensation in Spotswood and another success in the West. Unlike almost any bakery I've been to this place hums with quality, style and imagination. This is about nuances with quality ingredients and friendly interesting spaces to dine and imbibe. Candied Bakery turns the staid quaint bakery concept on its head with its modern offerings and fit out. 


The Candied Bakery concept has been influenced by bakeries, food and flavours encountered by Toula and Orlando on trips to the USA and Europe. The most influential being a trip to New York City and San Francisco in 2011. 

While in NYC and San Francisco, Toula and Orlando experienced top-notch ‘fast food’ at bakeries, milkbars, diners and food trucks that was tasty, inventive and didn’t cost the earth. Toula and Orlando were impressed by the combination of fresh ingredients and fresh ideas, including the melding of food styles and flavours at the ‘fast food’ end of the market. 
Inspired by their experience, Toula and Orlando decided it was time to re-work known and loved Australian classics while tempting their customers tastebuds with some of their U.S and European favourites. 
Similarities between the Sugardough product offering and the Candied Bakery menu are the top quality staples that Sugardough became well-known for – organic bread, pies and pastries. Among Candied Bakery’s signature products is Orlando’s Aussie meat pie. Not only is it made with 100% organic grass-fed beef, it is made from scratch - a rarity in most commercial bakeries. “It’s a classic meat pie using top quality organic beef. We wanted simple and delicious, and we wanted to use all natural ingredients”, say Orlando.

Candied Bakery serves up superb pastries like the one above. 


Candied Bakery also gets you going with doughnuts that excite more than bring guilt. Italian custard that will make you groan. These ended up being a treat for the office staff - beats the usual drab office cakes.


Another Candied Bakery signature product, and a favourite from Toula and Orlando’s NYC trip, is the Apple Pie Shake – essentially a slice of apple pie in milk, blended. “We loved them when we tried them in New York and we thought, ‘We’re a bakery, we make pies, why not a pie shake?”, says Orlando. 

Driven by being the best at what they do, Orlando and Toula hope to achieve the same success they had with their first bakery, Sugardough. Reflecting on their time at Sugardough Toula says, “the best part was working hard, and being rewarded with a line of customers out the front on weekends”. 
Orlando agrees, “There is nothing more satisfying than seeing customers enjoying food you have created.”

Candied Bakery stimulates with its catchy displays of product. The difficulty is in the choosing.


Candied Bakery is famous for its hot cross buns - close to Easter they are hard to get such is the demand.


The coffee is also excellent at Candied Bakery. And don't forget the organic bakery bread!


Check out this hot cross bun with its quality fruit and glaze.


I enjoyed the Croque Monsieur at Candied Bakery - one of the best I've had in Melbourne. For a start the bread was superb - one assumes made on site. 


Candied Bakery is well worth a visit (and will probably become a regular destination once you sample their bakery goodness). From experience its worth visiting earlier in the day when delicacies are in supply (can be sold out). Highly recommended.

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