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DonToo - Japanese Delight on Little Lonsdale

DonToo is a tremendous Japanese restaurant on Little Lonsdale. It's great because it gives you fantastic quality for a reasonable price. Is there a better way to spend $8 on lunch? 

DonToo is related to the ever popular student haunt Don Don on Swanston. It doesn't get the limelight of its cousin. But DonToo should get recognition as an excellent restaurant in its own right.

For a start there is more room here than than Don Don. With two rooms you can usually find a chair somewhere at a table. While at Don Don you often have to wait for a seat to open up among the throngs of students and officeworkers.

DonToo has a superior ambience with its red walls, exposed brick and large distressed communal table.

The service is quick at DonToo just as it is at Don Don. The Don Don service is slightly quicker because they're geared up for that. It seems there's a big kitchen at DonToo and a few more menu choices.

DonToo offers the Sukiyaki Beef, the Bento Boxes, the Chicken Curry and Teriyaki Chicken to name a few of my favourites.

I ordered the Beef with Udon Noodles at DonToo and it was absolutely sensational. It was a kind of sukiyaki beef which was sublime. The noodles were delicious as was the broth.

DonToo does Ramen in the evenings. With the meals they offer a standard 250g or a large 300g noodles for the same price.

This is not fine dining but so enjoyable. DonToo is one of the best value dining options in the city.

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Sunday, 04 October 2015
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