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Grill'd - Best Hamburgers in Melbourne?



Grill’d is one of the best hamburger joints in Melbourne! Hang on – in Australia! Maybe even the world! Seriously Grill’d rocks! And when visitors come from interstate I recommend Grill’d for their cheap eat fix. These guys are streets ahead of most hamburger establishments!

The hamburgers aren’t the greasy messy type – which there is a place for – but Grill’d takes us into nouveau hamburger territory with gourmet options and healthy alternatives. This is the world of lean patties, herb mixes and thick cut chips!

I love all their hamburgers but especially the aptly named Mighty Melbourne with the big beef patty, tasty cheese, crispy bacon, free range egg, couple of pieces of beetroot with salad, relish and herbed mayo. The buns are great too! So good! The Hot Mama burger with roasted peppers is also great if you want a bit of kick!

Another favourite of mine are the lamb burgers! The Moroccan Lamb Burger is sensational with gourmet ingredients such as a fine lamb patty with roasted peppers, tzatziki, salad and relish while the Baa Baa Lamb burger comes with avocado, tasty cheese, salad, relish and mayo. Both are amazing!

The Mini Me packs are sensational for kids! The kids love the little burger, sauce, chips and a juice box. They also love the container it comes in as well as the pencils and colouring in gear! How thoughtful!

Chips are important at any hamburger place – and the chips are sensational here because they’re thick cut and come with great sauces like herbed mayo, tomato relish and sweet chilli mayo. A winner!

Grill’d also has great service and a great vibe. I’ve been impressed when the Manager has apologised for slight wait on a burger in Melbourne Central. The manager in St Kilda was also engaging and helpful towards our large group (St Kilda store has a cool area out the back). In Richmond I also fine the staff really friendly and it’s a great vibe when they open up the front of the restaurant on a sunny day. The Doncaster crew – again are super friendly.

And Grill’d have some social action initiatives in place to help the community.

Grill’d Melbourne Central CBD – Gourmet Hamburgers – Food 9 Ambience 9


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