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Hunky Dory - Epic Fish and Chips in Port Melbourne

Hunky Dory is a mild sensation and one of Melbourne's best kept secrets. Everyone needs a great fish and chips destination as well as fine dining. For me, there is a limited number of great fish and chips locations in the eastern suburbs. Hunky Dory is worth a visit across town to elegant Port Melbourne. (By the way, a friend of mine crossed town to visit a chicken shop). For those times you don't feel like fine dining but some decadent carbohydrate and salty fix. Well Hunky Dory is so good I had to put it in the fine dining category of my blog. 

I've been to Hunky Dory twice and each time has been a revelation. I'm impressed with quality seafood, great value and variety and the fact they serve the fish and chips on decent plates.

Sitting outside on Bay Street watching the world go by while dining on Hunky Dory is a great Melbourne experience.

The Couples Pack was in fact enough fish and chips for my family. The flake was well cooked and a little creamy with superb batter. The chips are outstanding golden and crispy. It must be a Melbourne thing to have loads of chips as well as potato cakes - but the potato cakes starred in this potato overload. Dim sims were also good.

The second time I came was with a group of 18 of us - no worries about getting a table despite it being busy. Hunky Dory offer great options with say Spanish or Mexican theme - with great toppings over the fish. Instead of chips you might elect to go with the brown rice. Or get amazing skewers.

The family pack is a massive basket of seafood which may also feed your extended family.

You may still wonder how I can rave about a fish and chip shop. But I went there with one of Australia's best chefs and even he was raving. Yes its a humble fish and chip shop but its a truly rewarding expereince visiting Hunky Dory.

Staff are friendly and service good although at times I think they can get overwhelmed. The place gets so busy.



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Comments 2

Guest - Kenny @ Consider The Sauce on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 09:21

Mild sensation? (Scratches head ...) :p

Mild sensation? (Scratches head ...) :p
Guest - Monty on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 22:34

Love the name "Hunky Dory".;)

Love the name "Hunky Dory".;)
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