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Kokoro Ramen - Excellent Ramen on Lonsdale


Kokoro Ramen offers excellent Japanese ramen choices and is a great restaurant for a value quality meal. This place specialises in ramen but offers some excellent other menu options. What is exciting is the number of different ramen combinations including interesting selections such as butter and corn and soft crab.

Kokoro Ramen is an inviting restaurant with timber floor, white chairs, a modern timber panel wall, and cool naked bulb lighting. It has become popular for its authentic dishes and trendy ambience.

Like a few others in the precinct Kokoro Ramen makes their own noodles. It makes so much difference even in any soup based dish, to experience fresh home made noodles. They have four types of broth including the staple boiling pork bones. Apparently good for your health.

Ordering is via the counter which is a little out of step with most other such restaurants.

As I had been eating alot of ramen lately I went for the Fried Chicken Don. The way these guys cook the fried chicken you don't feel guilty as it's not greasy or oily. 


The presentation was excellent as was the chicken itself. A great meal. Several portions of chicken with crispy outside and not overcooked inside.

Service was excellent apart from having to line up at the counter. This place buzzes at night. I feel a need to return for the ramen.



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Friday, 28 August 2015
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