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Meatball and Wine Bar - Breakfast Balls and Fine Coffee

Meatball and Wine Bar is all about fun, humour, new concepts, great cuisine and a chic fit out. Meatball and Wine Bar has just launched its anticipated breakfast menu including some fine breakfast balls. Can breakfast balls be a hearty meal?

The verdict - Meatball and Wine Bar has already created a fine impression with its meatballs for lunch and dinner. For mine the breakfast version is a winner - not meatballs as such - but gourmet egg balls that are sumptuous and filling.


Meatball and Wine Bar has a chic fit out and the coup de grat is the Meat Dept signage that glams up at night. The restaurant is infused with orange light. The ambience is also enhanced by the exposed brick walls, long bar and "meat" related artwork.

The coffee at Meatball and Wine Bar is exceptional (notwithstanding it also has a superb wine list).


Here are the breakfast balls... You get 3 for $9 then choose your sauce (red, white, green) then sides (smoked salmon, avocado, bacon, mushroom with tallegio, cavalo nero) for another $4. I chose the red sauce and the salmon side. The red sauce had a thick consistency and had a delightful spice as well as a full pleasing tomato taste. The breakfast balls consisted of egg with charred corn and aged cheddar. It was actually satisfying to get an egg breakfast that wasn't runny in texture. These breakfast balls are firm.


A generous portion of salmon and foccacia bread were the perfect accompaniment.


Here is a close up of the breakfast balls...


Meatball and Wine Bar offers simple breakfast options and I'm keen to try the Baked egg and ball and the Corn cakes...


Meatball and Wine Bar already has acclaim as a lunch and dining destination with fine cuisine, but is a worthy breakfast destination as well. It's not just the home of innuendo but offers a great dining experience...


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