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Middle Park Hotel - Dude Food Heaven

Middle Park Hotel is in my opinion dude food heaven. For those who enjoy their British heritage and cuisine this is a great restaurant for politically incorrect indulgence. Of course that's possibly overstating it. But if you like your premium cuts of meat you won't be disappointed.

When you arrive you are greeted upon entry. Then it's down to business. Meat business. A Waiter with a chopping board with steak cuts waves the meat magic before your eyes. In a trance you order something large and alluring. There's no turning back.

You are encouraged to eat steak. There's other things on the menu but meat is the claim to fame. The dining experience consisted of dishes served on a board. 

We enjoyed the Tuna lightly seared sashimi grade lightly wood BBQ style (for smoky) served with fine cabbage salad with ginger sesame soy.

The renaissance was the sublime Rib eye 500g served sliced on request. Sliced might not be the way of the purists but was fine by me. Still succulent and a superb cut.

This is no cheap steak presentation. It comes with Bernaise sauce in a silver jug. Sensational. We enjoyed meat 3 day aged and with tension treatment. Just eating this was tension treatment for me. Delectable.

For a carnivore like me, the 3 times cooked chunky chips were a source of excitement.

Ambitiously named world best onion rings came thick and served on something like a toilet roll holder. Great onion rings but in Melbourne there's some serious competition.

Smoky sauce emerged as the key to making this meat experience exceptional. You've won me over if you can ply me with hefty steaks, crispy chips, large onion rings and a killer smoky sauce.

Charming restaurant with classic carpet and, wait for it, panelling from the famous Long Room at the MCG. Wow. Apparently they had to source part of it to match as they couldn't fit the original panels all around.

And so in cricket parlance Middle Park Hotel is about staff playing their shots. And I felt like raising the bat after downing a 500g rib eye...

This is Gastro pub at its best.

Middle Park Hotel is also in a great precinct. Spacious streets, iconic buildings and boutique shops and greenery. I felt like I was dining in an iconic part of the city.

Middle Park Hotel features a largely Victorian wine list with French bubbles. Which is commendable. The collection just about boasts every half bottle in Victoria.

While we went for the premium steak cuts, it was tempting to order the Potted pie chicken and mushroom with thick crust served with potato mash. But we figured this was a palce for meat lovers.We've also heard great things about the Roast on weekends.

All the while there is great service - friendly and engaging.


As for dessert the Bread and butter pudding is highly recommended with apricot sauce and Jameson whiskey sauce (both in jugs). This was a day for jugs and boards. and so the dessert was served in a red pan on a board. It was a great rendition of a Bread and butter pudding. 

I loved the whole experience of Middle Park Hotel. Great dude food and great ambience with deep hues of panel led timber, classic chairs, deep carpet and fireplace in action. We left with sense of warmth and conviviality.

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