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N Lee Bakery - Solid Option in the CBD

N Lee Bakery is a solid performer for simple dining options in the CBD. It's never going to win 3 hats but it offers excellent value tasty choices for city workers. N Lee Bakery is the tipping point between bringing your lunch to work or getting a really cheap but sensational lunch at this place for probably less than you could make it yourself.

N Lee Bakery has been on the scene for some time and has built up a good number of regulars.To get such a consistently high rating on Urbanspoon is quite a feat. There's a lot of love going around for N Lee Bakery.

N Lee Bakery is a great place to come for breakfast with buns and pies and pastries. Sit by the window and read the paper and enjoy one of their excellent coffees. Breakfast deals also win points with diners.


Or come back at lunch time and enjoy their famed Bahn Mi fresh and great value. Or try the Vietnamese meatballs. Their bread is also delicious.

Servive is professional and friendly which adds to the whole experience.

I've also visited their Smith St Collingwood venue, which is also tremendously popular.

This is a "go to" place where you will want to spend plenty of time at the crease.


N.Lee Bakery on Urbanspoon

N. Lee Bakery on Urbanspoon

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Saturday, 10 October 2015
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