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Nipa Hut - Great Thai in Mitcham

Nipa Hut is a great Thai and Filipino restaurant in Mitcham which presents quality food with love. The menu offers a wide range of dishes including the popular Pad Thai and Green curry, as well as Pork belly and Coconut rice.

They also offer some tasty Thai desserts including black rice pudding. I consulted the staff because I never know whether to eat the deseerts hor or cold - but I'm told both is acceptable.

Nipa Hut provides authenticity of the Thai tradition. Fresh ingredients and excellent profile of the spices enhances the dishes.

Locals can chat with the staff who are engaging and aim to please. 

The Penang curry is an excellent curry not without spice. The beef was tender, the vegetables fresh and the spices flavoursome.

Locals have raved about Nipa Hut for years. The restaurant has new owners but the quality remains. In fact the new owners were already working in the restaurant for some time and were familiar with the recipes.

Nipa Hut will also deliver within a 5km radius for orders over $25.

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