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Pats the Philly Way - Steak Sandwich How You Like It

Pats the Philly Way is a great option for that steak sandwich fix. This is surely one of the best steak sandwiches in Melbourne (along with Grilld). 

Pats offers a variety on the menu, not just steak sandwiches, but also vegetarian sandwiches and salads. 


Pats serves steak sandwiches which actually fill you up and contain a good portion of meat, unlike some other places that struggle to satify your hunger in a sandwich. It screams "freshness" including the bread.

The ambience here is modern and spacious and its pleasant to dine in with a group, as we did.

Pats offes attractive deals to satisfy all tastes - such as the half sandwich and chips. Love the cajun seasoning on the golden chips.

They advertise that its locally sourced fresh premium trimmed Aussie steak.

Pats the Philly Way is a great option on competitive Bridge Road.

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Friday, 31 July 2015
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