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Sushi Monger - One of Melbourne's Best Lunch Deals


Sushi Monger is one of Melbourne’s best kept secrets! Apart from the seeming hundreds of people that line up to get into this place every day! Swarms of keen lunch goers line up down the lane to get a piece of sushi action. And not all sushi is the same!

Sushi Monger offers one of Melbourne’s best lunch deals! Not just because it’s cheap but quality as well as a cheap eat! For $5 you get two of the best sushi rolls you will ever experience and a miso soup. In my case I go for the 3 sushi rolls and miso for $6.80. So good! Once you taste these little beauties you will never go back to plain sushi again!

The sushi here is the best I’ve ever had and has destroyed my belief that sushi for lunch doesn’t fill you up! It was worth the wait to receive such incredibly fresh well made sushi! I love the chicken and avocado or the prawn or the salmon and avocado. The rice was perfect! The size of the rolls was excellent! And the seaweed wrapping was not dry but fresh. All ingredients were super fresh and quality!

Sushi Monger make some other great dishes such as katsu curry and teriyaki chicken but all the hype is to do with the sushi!

Staff here are friendly and accommodating and with long lines they are patient and fast!

You don’t have to queue and grab takeaway. It’s also pleasant to eat inside Sushi Monger or out in the laneway. And contemplate on how different the dining experiences of Laurent Boulangerie and Sushi Monger really are…

Sushi Monger,17/309 Bourke St CBD – Japanese – Food 9 Ambience 9


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Thursday, 03 September 2015
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