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Jakubi, one of the freshest bands to hit the Melbourne music scene, have well and truly been punching above their weight.  This 5 piece draws their inspiration from genre’s as diverse as hip-hop, funk, pop and grunge rock. Intrigued?! So were we. Amazingly, not only did we discover that the guys do indeed merge the sub cultures but that they merge them well!!


Audiences have been responding well too, with the boys selling hundreds of tickets to shows across Melbourne and impressing crowds at headline shows in both Sydney and Adelaide. All this, and they had never even released a song. Well, that’s now changed.  In front of a packed out crowd at Revolver the boys from Jakubi released their first track; ‘Cant Afford it All.’   Already a favourite amongst punters in their live set the song quickly amassed downloads ending up at number 10 on the unearthed Pop charts after only a couple of days.  

The song starts with some VERY catchy reggae inspired guitar, it definitely sets the tone and makes sure the listener understands exactly what's going to happen next; you're about to start dancing.  Lead vocals are the responsibility of Jerome Farah, his seamless transition between natural vocals and his use of a talk box adds a diversity to the song that only keeps you bopping along to the music.


Honestly, I have a 30 second rule when listening to new music, if a track hasn't grabbed me in that time I usually turn it off.  By the 30 second mark of 'Cant Afford it All' I'd already sent it to at least a dozen other people to jam along to it with me. It's fun, it's catchy as all heck and perhaps most importantly it feels social - I want to be out with my friends dancing to this song all the damn time!!!

The boys are now grabbing the bull by the horns with seven big shows in five different venues across three separate states.  Not bad for a band with one song.


Show details are below. To download a free version of the track go to For bookings please contact their agent by emailing adriang [at]


June 15: Rocket Bar, Adelaide            //  July 11: Espy Basement, Melbourne

July 12: Mum @ World Bar, Sydney  //  July 13: Beresford, Upstairs

July 18: Espy Basement, Melbourne  //  July 25: Espy Basement, Melbourne

August 8: AFTR DARK @ John Curtin, Melbourne



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