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Studio Glo Fitness Re-Launch in Ringwood

Studio Glo is a fitness studio of excellence in Ringwood. We love the look of the studio, classes available and the philisophy of the trainers and owners. This is a tailored and bespoke fitness studio that is customer driven. This is not a sponsored post - I enjoy the benefits of an independent gym that has a community feel, that is not part of some formulaic gym set up. They are branching out in new types of training such as MetaPWR.

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MetaPWR is the long awaited release from Metafit - the original branded HIIT workout. MetaPWR combines the specific timings of a high intensity workout with bodyweight and equipment, including battle ropes, kettle bells, slam balls and more! This class will push you to your limits and get you results. Dan Scanlan and Brooke Alexander are the owners and are hands on at the gym (Dan is a highly qualified PT pictured above).

Steve Read, of Silence the Critic Personal Training, runs an old-school, no nonsense boxing circuit worthy of serious contenders. Focusing on technique, intensity and traditional boxing style this class will leave you totally spent and busting for the next one.

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Having been to many gyms in the past, I don't like aloof gyms and gyms where trainers are trying to cross-sell you products every 5 minutes. I want to connect with personal trainers that are genuinely interested in their clients and who tailor a program to suit. Being a blogger there are dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Being hunched over at the computer for hours a day can take its toll. Especially if your day job involves being seated at a desk, then you add to that by also sitting at a desk with a computer and blogging!

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Dan my personal trainer is the best I've ever had. He's a relatable trainer that is great with people and genuinely cares for their health and fitness. I find my personal training sessions something like a "therapy" as well as a fitness session. Dan works on the challenges I face with a blogger lifestyle. He dare not ask hat I've say eaten the night before. But he accepts that my lifestyle is to eat out a lot and work around it. He has designed a program for me that keeps me moving, builds up core strength, and which works on the "bloggers hunch" you can develop at the computer.

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Twice a week with my personal trainer Dan is something to look forward to. studio Glo is also a great gym for those who might not ordinarily go to a gym and are looking for something accessible. There's some great stories here of people that have lost large amounts of weight and look and feel great.

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 Boxing is also a strength at Studio Glo with trainers qualified in boxing and clients of all proficiencies joining the classes. With Steve Read on board, the classes are inspirational, motivational and intense.

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A revamp of the gym with a new look including new carpet enhances the experience.

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Metafit is another strength of Studio Glo with high intensity classes the perfect way to fitness.

Studio Glo

1/156 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood VIC 3134