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  • The World Loves Melbourne was privileged to attend the night of nights of the Australian Dairy Industry at Greenfields in Albert Park. The esteemed Australian Grand Dairy Awards has announced its 2017 Champions, revealing the nation’s 20 finest dairy products out of a record 470 entries. As a foodie I'm excited by our dairy industry - which is world class. We've seen consumers become more savvy in recent times when it comes to dairy, and the standard of dairy across the board is sky high.

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  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Australia, located on the third floor of Crown Towers Melbourne, celebrates a brand new dessert, VEGEMITE Ice Cream, inspired by the country’s love of the quintessentially Australian breakfast spread. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to an exclusive preview of the exciting and stunning new dessert. The team, led by Group Executive Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts have been exploring the origins of the Australian pantry staple, to create a dessert that amplifies the distinct flavour of the iconic spread. Over six months in development back in Bray, UK the favourite Australian spread, created in the early 1900’s, was deconstructed to uncover a unique blend of flavours.

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  • The World Loves Melbourne was privileged to experience the Lavazza Superbox at the Australian Open. Last year we said this was the best corporate box experiences ever, and this year was amazing. The location in the Rod Laver Arena combined with peerless hospitality, was sensational. To have the Lavazza family present in the Superbox was an honour. Having enjoyed Lavazza coffee consistently over many years, we can identify strongly with the brand.

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  • The World Loves Melbourne had some amazing foodie experiences in 2016 and here are our top 23 foodie experiences (not in order). We also enjoyed many top notch events and launches and several amazing corporate box experiences in both Melbourne and Sydney.

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  • LULU Cafe and Gallery is a shining European style haven in North Melbourne for foodies and art lovers alike. This is surely one of the hidden gems of Melbourne. The World Loves Melbourne was invited to LULU Cafe and Gallery to sample the menu (including breakfast/lunch all day menu as well as the dinner menu) and was highly impressed.

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  • Best burgers in Melbourne, we have searched high and low for the best this city has to offer. The humble burger has risen in status to be a gourmet item of choice on menus across Melbourne. Culinary giants are making their own burger versions for customers. There seems to be a trend away from old school burgers to burgers that incorporate more gourmet and quality ingredients. The trend is away from the huge burger to something almost stylish and smaller - yet packs a punch.

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Underground Cinema Melbourne


A unique spin on their distinctive, immersive events, UGC are once again answering the call of fans to bring back their favourite films from the past. Underground Cinema Classics is back and this time they’re revisiting Alfonso Cuaron’s dystopian world of Children of Men. So if you loved it the first time round or missed out and desperately wanted a second chance, fear not – the time has come once more.

Welcome to HOPE 2.0. It’s going to be bigger, it’s going to be better and it’s going to be completely unexpected. You’ll need your strength, resilience and courage to make it through, but above all, you must have hope… With over six years of immersive experiences and over twenty-five unique worlds recreated and brought to life, Underground Cinema is back doing what they do best. Using actors, detailed sets and costumes, prepare to be engaged and immersed in an unforgettable, immersive, live experience unlike any other that takes cinema out of the cinema.

Expect the unexpected…

Event Details: Underground Cinema Classics presents HOPE 2.0

Dates + Times: Thurs 19 Nov @ 7.30pm / Fri 20 Nov @ 7.30pm / Sat 21 Nov @ 7.30pm / Sun 22 Nov @ 7.00pm

Location: Secret Melbourne

Dress: Foreign

Bring: Strength, resilience & courage

Ticket details: $55+bf via - on sale Tues 20th Oct @ 1pm

*Please note all sessions are 4+ hours including the live experience and movie.

This is not just a movie. Cash bar & hot food on site. 


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