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Wide Open Road Hipster Cool


Wide Open Road is a boutique roastery and cafe housed in a two story converted warehouse on Barkly street, just off Sydney road in Brunswick. Spread over 500 square meters it incorporates it's own roasting facilities, commercial kitchen, green bean storage and coffee lab. Wide Open Road is a popular haunt for locals, Wide Open Road is impressive for its ambience, food and stunning coffee. This place is high on the hipster dial, housed in a converted warehouse with plain semi industrial looking frontage.


The World Loves Melbourne parked in for a Guatemala Santa Isabel filter. This single origin exploded with flavour across the palate. Wide Open Road roast their coffee onsite on their Probat and Giesen small batch roasters. Their 'Bathysphere' house blend and single origin coffees are all available to wholesale and retail customers.

Says Wide Open Road on their website - 

"We take our coffee roasting seriously. Everyday we are working with it in our cafes, we understand it and we know how to get the best out of it.  We cup and evaluate all our roasts meticulously. Our Bathysphere blend is unique, made up of Costa Rican, Brazilian, Kenyan and Ethiopian beans. We have worked very hard to create a blend that has a balance of acidity and sweetness. The overwhelming majority of coffees sold in cafes after all are milk based and so it is essential to have a blend that can push through milk and yet remain sweet and balanced.

Our green beans are sourced primarily through a variety of local suppliers. Our small team are passionate about exploring and improving what we do.  We are out in the coffee community talking and listening, cupping, doing whatever we can to ensure we are sourcing the best possible green beans for our blend and single origins.  

We hold Cuppings everyday, so if you would like to come in and cup some coffee together, we would love to show you around and give you the chance to get a feel for how we work, and what we have to offer each other."

Come here for some of the most interesting breakfast choices in Melbourne including Wild Boar Sausages, Egyptian Fuul, and Pumpkin, Chickpea and Haloumi Fritters. Cuisine is based on seasonal produce, and the menu is ever evolving.

Also impressive is the lunch menu featuring Slow Cooked Beef Cheek Sandwich, Slow Roasted Pork Belly, and Fish Finger Sandwich (with a twist). We also note some amazing sides such as Goat and Chipotle Sausages and Gruyere Potato Cakes.


Check out the coffee available to take home. Also check out the interesting spaces and retro furniture...


Take home the Bathysphere for $12.50 or the Single Origin for $15.50.


The World Loves Melbourne loves the light airy feel to Wide Open Road, and we are struck by the mounted shopping trolleys on the wall. Wide Open Road is one of the coffee treasures of Melbourne.

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