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Super Nourishing Patties for Summer at Bossy Boots

BossyBootsOct 19 

Summer is a time for nourishing healthy foods that aren't heavy. Bossy Boots Cafe in Brighton has been striking a chord selling hundreds of nourishing patties a week. Check out our Best Healthy Eating Cafes.

With a trend to healthier eating Bossy Boots delivers with its highly nutritious patty offerings. The Free range chicken and vegetable patties have been a huge hit since recently introduced with Ben selling hundreds each week. The demand has been rising, with patties popular even in the colder months.

So much goes in to the construction of each Bossy Boots patty to make them a dish in themselves. With the Free range chicken and vegetable patties, Ben Forehan from Bossy Boots creates a highly nutritious and tasty mix of meat and vegetables to fill the patties.

A high class patty is a brilliant choice for those wanting say a lunch dish that is healthy but not too heavy. Perfect for spring and summer.

BossyBootsOct 1

BossyBootsOct 4

Loads of high grade broccoli and tricolour quinoa, brown rice, onion, celery, sweet potato, pumpkin, peas and carrot are combined with free range chicken mince. 

Organic tricolour quinoa is a balanced combination of white, black and red quinoa. It is nutritious, naturally gluten-free, versatile and quick cooking. It is great as a side in itself or in soups, salads or indeed in patties!

The story of the Free range chicken and quinoa patties began when Ben Forehan (Ben and Rachael owners pictured above) was approached by local Mums in Brighton who complained about how their children refused to eat vegetables and asked if could Ben come up with a solution. Ben's response was to include a high vegetable intake in a patty. That way the children would be getting their vegetables and in a fun and varied way. It's proved to be a huge hit with many patties purchased for after school snacks, lunches and with dinner. Mission accomplished.

Another great way to enjoy these patties is with the high class Bossy Boots salads...

BossyBootsOct 22

Another popular patty at Bossy Boots is the Tuna and sweet corn patty; with Bossy Boots selling oodles of these. Thick patties full of nourishment; again these are perfect for spring and summer and delicious with a salad. The combination of tuna and sweetcorn is a popular foodie match; and Bossy Boots captures it perfectly.

To make it even more delicious these patties are prepared with a golden crumbed exterior... Not only do patties need to be balanced and packed with taste and nutrition; there also needs to be a regard for texture. So many patties at cafes and restaurants split and fall apart for messy eating; but at Bossy Boots they hold their shape and model a consistency.


Bossy Boots is an iconic cafe in Brighton with high class food, coffee and service. Many of the staff have been there for several years and the menu has broad appeal. Bossy Boots has seen a surging demand for their patties and for nutritional value, taste and meals to enjoy with a salad, they are hard to beat!


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