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Section 28 Artisan Cheese Launches in Adelaide Hills

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With a great story Section 28 Artisan Cheeses has launched in the Adelaide Hills. Semi hard French style artisan cheeses.

Former Macquarie Bank high flyer and now Department Head with Ernst and Young, Kym Masters is a seriously talented finance, planning and investment executive. With a sizzling career track record of achievement one could expect him to shore up his executive prowess in the corporate world. But after a "gap" year spent in Tuscany with his family, he decided his real passion is to make rare artisan French cheese. And so Kym Masters has been able to put his dream into motion, launching Section 28 Artisan Cheeses and commencing commercial supply to the eastern states, all while working 4 days a week with Ernst and Young. Picture Kym each week donning the suit for several days of high finance in the uber office, then putting on his white boots for a few days hard work in the cheese facility.

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Of course many told Kym he was crazy to launch his cheese venture, taking on risk. The World Loves Melbourne is inspired by the passion of Kym and his determination to "have a crack"; but also we are inspired by the cheese. This is artisan cheese attracting rave reviews. Section 28 Artisan Cheese only has 2 products; the Comte and Morbier styles of Mont Priscilla and Monteforte. It's damn good cheese.

Says the website, "Consistent with the philosophy of Section 28 we aim to make a style of cheese that is wholly Australian but references the Morbier cheese made in the Franche-Comté region of Eastern France. When cut, Morbier is instantly recognisable. It never fails to impress with its thin bright orange rind that complements the creamy-straw yellow pâté, both starkly contrasted by the line of black ash through the middle. It is pure Artistry on a plate! We adore how the Morbier’s initially confronting, yeasty smell (think musty, smelly socks) opens into a fresh and vibrant taste of the grass the cows have been eating, with just the smallest hint of citrus. However, the thing we love most about Morbier is its history."
The Monteforte cheese has a herbaceous nuance and for The World Loves Melbourne a greater "kick" on the back palate.

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And on this fine sunny Sunday in the Adelaide Hills we imbibed and celebrated. This was one of our favourite events for the year. Adelaide Hills is a revelation these days with a buzz of foodie activity of the highest order. We met the winemaker from BK Wines; whose organic Pinot was ridiculously good and which was made in the same French philosophy of Section 28 French cheese. This was an amazing pairing and The World Loves Melbourne was gobsmacked by the wine and cheese synergy.

We also met a local cider maker from Lobo Cider; also perfectly matched with the cheese. The guy who supplies the milk (critical in the process) was there from Glenmax Holstein Dairy.

With Adelaide Hills oft described as an Alpine foodie destination, what better product to make than French Alpine style cheese?

Kym spoke to the crowd gathered and paid homage to his lawyer wife Joanne; who has supported him emphatically in the venture. With two young children, this is an odyssey for the whole family.

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The cool dude behind the bar told me he was a former stockbroker; the event was full of high end financiers, foodies and family.

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The canapes from this event from Kath Elia and her catering company were some of the best we've had for some time. Every canape featured Section 28 artisan cheeses; highlighting this produce in spectacular fashion. 

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French cheese with capsicum jam...

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French cheese wrapped in prosciutto and fig...

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French cheese in filo pastry...

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Cheesy Popcorn was exquisite...

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Not to mention dessert with panna cotta...

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Look out for Section 28 Artisan Cheeses in Adelaide and on the eastern seaboard at specialty cheese outlets.