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Tassal Salmon Rashers For A Healthy Breakfast Option

This post is brought to you by Nuffnang and Tassal Salmon.

Tassal is a favourite brand of The World Loves Melbourne when it comes to preparing an easy delicious breakfast. Sorting out breakfast can be a problem at times; we get bored easily and want dishes that are imaginative. We lead a gourmet lifestyle and breakfast is part of that. We love cafes but why can't we also easily cook sensational gourmet food at home?

We at The World Loves Melbourne feel breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Tassal Rashers provide the healthy, easy and imaginative breakfast options we desire. Tassal Salmon Rashers are a product we regularly slip into our shopping trolley at the supermarket, preparing for the week ahead. This is a product the whole family enjoys; we have to make sure we have enough for the week.

The World Loves Melbourne often enjoys Tassal Salmon Rashers with sourdough, some poached eggs, and a few other items such as haloumi and tomatoes. So we were excited when we were sent a gourmet ‘Brekkie Hamper’ to cook our favourite breakfast dish.

 Anyone can do it.

Tassal 15

Simply pan fry the Tassal’s Salmon Rashers for a couple of minutes on either side and they’re ready to eat. Our kids aged 10 and 9 can master this; little masterchefs having fun in the kitchen.

Cooking this delicious breakfast only took a few minutes; convenient for our busy lifestyle!

While The World Loves Melbourne jokes about being a "pork belly tragic" we are paying more attention these days to healthier eating. Healthy and delicious can go hand in hand. New to the dairy seafood entertaining category, Tassal Salmon Rashers are a nutritious breakfast option (packed with omega 3 and protein). Omega 3 is great for so many things no matter your age. One thing we are aiming to do in our family is to eat more fish.

What is more, the Tassal Salmon Rashers are prepared in a way that makes it super easy for cooking. Tassal Salmon Rashers are cut on a 70 degree angle and designed for pan frying to create a delicious crispy addition to any breakfast - and a delicious addition to any hot breakfast.

The World Loves Melbourne enjoys creamy textures, such as the Tassal Salmon, as well as big flavours. Salmon Rashers are smoked in Beechwood chips to produce a delicious smoky flavour. Serve with eggs, tomatoes, avocado and other seasonal vegetables for a tasty and healthy breakfast any day of the week– bringing café culture to your home in minutes.

Ethics also come in to our foodie choices. Tassal’s Tasmanian grown Atlantic salmon is Australian, responsibly sourced and sustainably certified.

It's great to endorse products we use all the time. Tassal Salmon Rashers are an exciting product that we love to include in our regular grocery list. Highly recommended.