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Take a Break at Melbourne’s Kit Kat Studio

Written by Lil Williams

Have you ever been watching Willy Wonka and wished that you could somehow create your own wondrous chocolaty creation? Were you one of those kids who dreamed of being a chocolate maker when you were older so that you could eat all the chocolate you wanted (and mum wasn’t going to stop you)?

Dream no longer. After wild success in Sydney, Kit Kat Studio has come to Melbourne at long last and the chocolate invention experience is yours for the taking. If you’re a Kit Kat lover like me, this is a must-have experience.

Last Monday night, Anna Polyviou, known as the Punk Princess of Pastry, held an exclusive KitKat masterclass at Melbourne Central, giving lucky bloggers like The World Loves Melbourne a sneak preview of all that the Kit Kat Studio has to offer.

Armed with piping bags and 17 limited edition flavours at our fingertips (a lot of excitement and not much skill) we created our own wacky flavours of Kat Kat, and you can too. Polyviou opened the studio to the public on Tuesday 24th November at noon, with huge success.

Kit Kat are celebrating their 80th birthday and are giving enthusiasts the chance to not only create their own flavour, but also their own packaging. Tablets are set up in the studio for you to make every decision about your Kit Kat, starting with the type of chocolate. If your family and friends are fellow Kit Kat fans, look no further for Christmas presents with Kit Kat studio’s personalised festive packaging. Gift boxes where you can write your own message are also available for purchase to make your Christmas shopping easy.

Anna Polyviou is the perfect person to launch the Kit Kat Studio in Melbourne, her hometown. She has created two limited edition Kit Kat flavours, one inspired by the city and brings her passion and fun to the studio, getting everyone excited about chocolate creation while her dedicated team help make the magic happen (not to mention her DJ pumping out the tunes as she works). Polyviou is the executive pastry chef at Shangri-La Hotel and recently guest starred on Masterchef, to name a few things on her impressive resume. She knows the studio is going to be wildly popular and says, “I can’t wait to see what flavours people come up with.”

The pop-up studio will be open 7 days a week over the Christmas period, until 17th January, and is located on the ground level of Melbourne Central, opposite Tommy Hilfiger.

Have you been to the Kit Kat Studio?