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5 & Dime Bagel Masterclass with Zev Forman for Good Food Month

The World Loves Melbourne attended an outstanding masterclass with Zev Forman, the owner and inspiration behind 5 & Dime Bagel for Good Food Month. The topic was "how to make bagels at home"; something we dream to be able to do. 

The World Loves Melbourne considers 5 & Dime Bagel to have the best bagels in Melbourne. It was love at first taste for us and we've enjoyed these bagels for several years now. Zev has an amazing history, working as a chef and even a tour guide overseas. He came Australia with his partner and worked at Taxi Restaurant for a period, before launching out in his passion for bagels. And not just any bagels; the type of bagels he experienced in Krakow Poland in his travels (arguably the home of bagels). Boiled bagels baby! Boiled and baked to get that chewy bliss.

We were warmly greeted by Zev and given platters of bagels with compelling fillings on top to consume before the class (loved the Elvis bagel with peanut butter and maple bacon), as well as drinks.

The masterclass was well organised with Zev giving us comprehensive notes to go with the practical tuition. We also appreciated the input of Zev's team; they were great!

All the ingredients were waiting for us at our place on the benches - flour, water, salt are key, along with malt and yeast for the basic bagel.

Mixing the ingredients together we learned about how to kneed the dough into the right texture. Fold and stretch. Fold and stretch. It takes time. Zev showed us the "window pane" test to test whether the dough breaks or stays together.

We paired up for the creation of bagels; The World Loves Melbourne with leading Melbourne blogger Ashley from I'm So Hungree...

The dough is then placed on trays and lightly steamed, before resting, allowing the yeast to perform its magic.

Of course the dough rises, and we were able to cut the dough into about 6 pieces for 6 bagels...

Zev Forman showed us how to form the basic shape of a bagel using 2 methods; the preferred method as well as a shortcut method.

My bagel shape was a tad supersized...

5Dimemasterclass 27

Zev in his generosity has also prepared a batch of bagels that he prepared earlier - for our ultimate consumption later.

Zev was animated and engaging throughout; a natural to pass on his artisan craft to groups. He presents a fab masterclass; we felt he should also engage say corporates and classes for team building. 


Zev showed us a point of difference of his business; the boiling of bagels in his stainless steel trough. Through the night (these guys keep crazy hours).

But today we were replicating a "make bagels at home" experience; so we boiled our bagels in a large pot.

Boil for 30 to 40 seconds each side then roll in the seeds and crumbs (various mixes available).

Looking sexy...

Boil then bake...

After baking we were pleased with the results...

It was then Zev surprised by pulling out a cured salmon; popular with his bagels. He treated us with slices of salmon resonating with intensity of taste.

We then enjoyed bagels with Promised Land Batch Brew, Melbourne's best coffee. (By the way our bagels tasted great; there is hope for us!)

The World Loves Melbourne loved the masterclass with Zev and his team; what a highlight of Good Food Month! Now the challenge to make bagels at home (Zev wants to see pics of our efforts). Sensational.