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Perfect Summer BBQ - Guide to the Ultimate BBQ Banquet

What is the perfect summer BBQ? Loads of fat, high flames, charred meat, boring sausages? We think not. We became sick of the same old scenario of chops and sausages for BBQ's and wanted to serve up family and friends something more inspirational.

If you're like us you're using your BBQ all through summer. BBQing has changed for us; we don't tend to cook plain sausages and chops anymore. It's time to get savvy Australia; and we love to introduce new tastes and foods to the BBQ experience.

We've been using our Weber extensively this summer. We often pop down to the supermarket to get our BBQ foods and at the same time grab some Heat Beads®; easy to use and a leader in the BBQ fuel industry. When it comes to the open flame, Heat Beads® is an authority and something we can rely on.

The World Loves Melbourne has been cooking with ease using Weber Kettle BBQ, BBQ Starter, BBQ Chimney Booster (for a quick start) and Heat Beads®.

Summer is the perfect time for BBQ lovers to bring their kitchen outside and experiment. In terms of summer entertaining the BBQ is king. With the right tools and techniques, anyone can create an impressive BBQ banquet for friends and family outside with ease. A BBQ can even be somewhat healthy. Think salmon steaks and salmon patties, seared haloumi salad, toasted Turkish bread, slow roasted pork, grilled oysters, marinated vegetable skewers and even an upside down cake for dessert!

In our BBQ we cooked up these tasty options:

Gourmet Italian Fennel sausages, from the specialty butcher, as well as Gourmet Farmhouse sausages.

Vegetable or Free range Chicken skewers (made up by the butcher as we waited).

Seared haloumi salad (just put haloumi in a salad, we used mango, lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumber and simple dressing).

Asparagus fresh from the grocer.

Mexican Corn - corn with chilli jam, lime and lashings of melted butter (we made a killer sauce). A highlight of the BBQ.


Banana Prawns (in shell) don't take long to cook and we used a foil tray to cook the prawns.

Rump steak (ok some quality steak) was cooked over the coals with smoky flavours to the fore.

Lamb roast with rosemary takes a while but we like it juicy and pink.

Dessert was sensational; flat bread with Nutella and fresh strawberries. So good! And the aroma was alluring!

Not a plain chop in sight.

Many people are moving back to the authentic experience of cooking over coals rather than using gas. Our restaurants are serving up smoked quality meats. People are wanting a ‘real’ BBQ experience - which is essentially BBQing the traditional way, cooking over coals and slow roasting to achieve that  smoky BBQ taste everyone loves.  Cooking over coals produces a high, dry heat that sears the meat whilst giving it the ultimate BBQ flavour. How good is it?

Australia Day is a quintessential BBQing day. With friends and family around there is the drive for that perfect summer BBQ; maybe with some backyard cricket. Why not try Heat Beads® at your Australia Day holiday BBQ, for authentic BBQ action.  

The World Loves Melbourne  created a feast for family and friends highlighting our enjoyment of the perfect summer BBQ. 

High quality BBQ fuel and high quality meat and savvy flavours combined to achieve the mouthwatering flavor every cook desires.

Heat Beads® are a necessity for every Aussie BBQ this Australia Day. They offer a range of quality and safe BBQ fuel options to fire up the BBQ with ease and ensure a long-burning, consistent heat.

As we say, it's so easy; Heat Beads® products are available from all major grocery and hardware retailers.

This summer is all about authentic outdoor cooking, enjoying the warm Aussie weather, socialising with friends and family and appreciating authentic & delicious food.

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Heat Beads®

Some more facts:

  • Heat Beads® is proudly Australian owned and operated
  • Heat Beads® is the industry leader in all things BBQ and slow cooking related.
  • Heat Beads® is the market leader of high quality, solid BBQ fuel within Australia. Heat Beads® is also exported to Europe, the Middle East and Korea.