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World's Longest Lunch at Dal Zotto for MFWF

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The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a stunning World's Longest Lunch event at Dal Zotto's in King Valley for MFWF. Any chance to visit the King Valley is welcomed by The World Loves Melbourne with open arms.

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We were greeted by Dal Zotto staff and ushered to Prosecco stations where a range of the finest Prosecco in Australia was being served.

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Christian Dal Zotto was an impressive host; making sure everyone was feeling welcome and relaxed on arrival, as well as looked after during the event. He even found The World Loves Melbourne's treasured white hat in the grass on the day following the event.

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Wine icons were mixing it with the punters; including Fred Pizzini and Sam Miranda. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed a chat with Prosecco in hand before sitting down at the long table.

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Otto Dal Zotto is a pioneer of Prosecco in Australia; notwithstanding Dal Zotto produces a range of standout wines. 

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The ambience of the Longest Lunch is unique with a sense of foodie community...

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The dolcet tones of Cam Tapp provided first class entertainment (one of Australia's most sought after wedding singers).

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Opening course of Harrietville rainbow and golden trout, agrodolce, Camilo Nero, smoked salmon and roe was a show stopper.

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Regional wines were a highlight with hosts generous on the pour...

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Otto Dal Zotto was a superb host; keeping a commanding eye over culinary affairs. We were privileged to sit opposite Otto and his charming wife Eleanor. Second course was also sensational; House made Rivlea pork and garlic sausage, porcini infused mushrooms and cannelloni beans. Rocket and local walnut salad dressed with Bundaling olive oil and Stanley apple cider vinegar was a fabulous accompaniment.

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The rustic culinary theme continued with this slow roasted Myrrnee Boer Capretto (goat), Stoneground Polenta, Chargrilled corn, Garen Zucchini and Tomatoes, with house made Stracchino Cheese by Mark Manson from Dal Zotto Trattoria. Spectacular!

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Christian Dal Zotto with the glamorous Emma Crameri from the Rural City of Wangaratta.

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Desserts were top notch including this Pistachio Panna Cotta, Beechworth Honeycomb, wine soaked Stonefruit from Sam Miranda King Valley.

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Speeches were made to the appreciative crowd by owners of some of the wineries involved including Otto Dal Zotto above (with wife Eleanor listening in).

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How good were the cheeses!

A delightful touch was the herbs presented to each guest from Eleanour Dal Zotto's personal herb garden.

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Thanks to Rural City of Wangaratta for a fabulous stay at Casa Luna Gourmet Accomodation. Only 15 min from Whitfield this is a well appointed haven in a stunning setting, with David and Gwenda engaging hosts.

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Our meals were also top notch with Gwenda a foodie providing wonderful Pasta dish for dinner then a hearty Country style breakfast in the morning...

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