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Tasty Dining Destinations at Box Hill Central

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The World Loves Melbourne was invited to enjoy lunch at Box Hill Central in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, visiting some of its standout restaurants. Box Hill Central is a popular food and shopping hub and has had a recent expansion. Known for its fresh food market, there are also some choice eateries where you can enjot tasty asian food at affordable prices.

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Kitchen Republic is a standout with the concept of six eateries in one area such as Chrystal Jade Dumpling, Old Tongs Beef Noodle and Dessert Story, with the menu in one book. Just order on pen and paper and the wait staff will process your order.

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Kitchen Republik was packed out on a weekday lunchtime; a favourite dining destination for many.

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Popcorn chicken was a hit with the four of us; who doesn't love a bowl of popcorn chicken?

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The Xiao Long Bao were top notch, with all of us impressed by these "soup dumplings". The soup explodes in the mouth and you are only meant to take one mouthful when eating this style of dumplings.

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This was a sensational fried rice; one of the best we've had for a long time. Packed with ingredietns and boasting smoky flavours. A real winner.

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Beef soup noodles was again a cracking dish full of flavour. Kitchen Republik is an affordable restaurant that delivers on flavour and tasty dishes. This is one we'd love to return to.

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Ra Ramen is one of the most affordable cheap and cheerful restaurants around. We've been to the one in Glen Waverley and it's perfect for family dining. For the enjoyable comfort food style dishes you won't believe the prices. With free slushies for the kids and green tea, you end up paying just for the food.

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Shanghai Noodles were on song with delicious thick noodles and Asian greens.

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Dumplings at Ra Ramen are also excellent, and we went for th epan fried Pork dumplings.

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A favourite dish was the Fried chicken, infused with some chilli heat.

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We then moved across to Movenpick for dessert; a classy ice cream parlour in Box Hill Central.

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You can get the single and double scoops of course, but we ventured in to some of their other dishes.

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The Macarons with three types of ice cream was a superb dessert; as was the Waffles with two kinds of ice cream.

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A wonerful dish id the Fondue with waffle and fruits, ice cream and marshmallows. This was truly indulgent and highly recommended.

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Box Hill is a wonderful precinct for visiting a plethora of excellent eateries and the perfect place to catch up with friends. Thanks to Box Hill Centre Management. Get on it.