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Om Nom Kitchen & Dessert Bar's New Cocktail Menu Launch

A theatrical show of smoke, fire and ice awaits those who choose to indulge in one (or more) of Om Nom Kitchen & Dessert Bar’s spectacular new cocktails. The World Loves Melbourne was lucky enough to enjoy a sneak peek and tantalising taste of these creative concoctions, before the new menu’s official launch to the public. 

Already known for their exceptional desserts, Om Nom has elevated their drinks to the same impressive standard. Designed and demonstrated by mixologist Grant Collins, the multi-sensory and interactive collection are diverse in taste, texture and appearance.

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The Clover Club with Tanqueray 10 Gin, velvety raspberry puree and a lemony zing is the first drink to taste, served with some nibbles from the kitchen. Once all the guests have arrived we cleanse our palates with liquid nitrogen sorbet and meringues, and move through to the bar area. Three stations are placed around the room to demonstrate some of the new menu additions. Grant explains each element and encourages us to pay particular attention to how the aromas enhance the depth of flavour. 

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There’s the Porthole Infusion; a unique take on the classic Bloody Mary, served in a smoking porthole, and filled with herbs and complex spice. At the next station a stream of liquid nitrogen freezes the caramel and chocolate foam on top of a vanilla spiked vodka, salted caramel, Kahlua and cold pressed espresso mix. Don’t be fooled by the tall glass and colourful straw; this Salted Caramel Cracking Espresso is most definitely one for the adults. 

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Simply fabulous!

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Secret Garden Infuser is a playful salute to outdoor explorations of our youth, with edible chocolate soil and absinthe jelly worms surrounding a glass orb filled with cucumber gin, fresh cucumber, mint, elderflower and fresh pressed apple. A sip of the drink is followed by a gleeful spoon of chocolate and jelly worm; a truly unique blend. 

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Grant’s masterclass sees him getting behind the bar and showing us more of his creations, from the Nitro Tea Party to a Smoking Marshmallow Colada. Vapourised mojito, deconstructed mojito canape and nitro frozen mojito sorbet create the Mojito Science, cleverly pushing the boundaries of how one would usually consume a beverage. A F.I.G.J.A.M. is served to conclude, with the rich and bittersweet drink curiously enhanced by bites of fresh apple, muscatel, cheese and lavosh. 

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This innovative cocktail menu filled with playful flavour fusions is just one more reason why we - and the world - love Melbourne. 

By Rachel Mason