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Eau De Vie Launches Spring Menu

Winner of Time Out Melbourne’s Bar of the Year 2016, and Bar Team of the Year 2016, Eau De Vie Melbourne has definitely earned it’s mantle as a world class purveyor of libations.  Recently launching it’s exciting new Spring Menu, The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to enjoy a bespoke experience of theatrics and mixology.

Located on the aptly named Malthouse Lane, Eau-de-Vie and its bartenders are dedicated to the craft of the cocktail, so you know you are in capable hands. As a world-class whisky & cocktail bar, with an accompanied focus on food to cocktail matching, it is EDV’s desire to constantly set the benchmark in drinks creation and ambiance

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Inspired by a range of traditional crafts – from the Apothecary to the Spiceblender, highlights on their menu include; ‘Violets Forget’ - funky French rum mingled with wormwood-kissed vermouth, floral violette, cynar, a hint of pistachio and a burst of soda. Served short. 'Colonel’s Pearl' - Jamaican rum, apricot, lemon myrtle and quince soda creating a full bodied cocktail. An EDV twist on the classic Mai-Tai. And my favourite and stand out of the night ‘Money to Burn’ - coconut spiced rum, sloe gin and apricot brandy, reinvigorated with a little liquid magic and a fiery surprise.

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The cocktail list follows the award winning structure of the previous list with sketches of the bar team next to their signature drinks, as well as pages for shared drinks, and a list of the venue’s ‘must try’ cocktails including renowned favourites – ‘Zacapa Blazer’ which is set ablaze before serving and tossed between two metal jugs, and ‘The Noble Experiment’ a super chilled martini using liquid nitrogen.

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For those inclined to gastronomic indulgence, EDV also offers a 5 course cocktail degustation for groups of 2-16 in a unique experience of expertly paired cuisine to cocktails from 7.30pm every Wednesday – Saturday.

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The list is now on the bar so take the journey of discovery where the skilled bartenders and hosts will be your tour guides through their world.