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Tasting New Menu Blogger Event at Bossy Boots Cafe

Bossy Boots Cafe in Brighton is a local icon, extremely well patronised and the home of amazing take home food. The World Loves Melbourne connected with other leading Melbourne bloggers for a brunch event to taste the new menu at Bossy Boots. 

The brunch menu at Bossy Boots is compelling but the weekends bring a few extra dishes on the menu; with several crowd favourites. The Corn fritters is a fabulous dish (among the best fritters dish in Melbourne), as is the Bruschetta with goats cheese and poached egg , and the Mixed bean and Ham hock ragout. Sweeter dishes are also excellent, such as the Buttermilk strawberry pancakes, as are healthier dishes such as the Bircher muesli and the Porridge.

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Bruschetta with tomato, avocado, roasted capsicum, goats cheese, poached egg and fresh herbs (we added extra bacon). This was surprisingly filling as we often associate bruschetta as a light meal. The tomatoes, peppers and avocado were zesty and super fresh, with generous amount of goats cheese underneath on quality Dench bread. With poached egg on top this was the perfect brunch dish, but a generous amount of crispy bacon set the dish off. Rewarding, tasting and texture party.

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Leading Melbourne bloggers photographing Bossy Boots Cafe brunch dishes.

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Warm breaky salad with brown rice, quinoa, roasted sweet potato, kale, grated zucchini, beetroot, rocket, lemon, olive oil and free range chicken (and add a poached egg) is a stunning healthier style brunch dish at Bossy Boots.

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Bossy Boots is located on iconic Bay Street Brighton, a popular cafe in a stylish and affluent suburb.

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Mixed bean and ham hock ragout with  fried egg on toast is a rustic and hearty breakfast choice.

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 Great to connect with leading Melbourne bloggers.

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A perennial favourite at Bossy Boots Cafe is the Corn fritters with smashed avocado, bacon and poached egg. This dish has been highly acclaimed by reviewers, even globally. Generous portion of tasty corn fritters is combined with a poached egg, creaminess of smashed avocado and loads of crispy bacon. Does it get any better?

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Bossy Boots is freshly renovated; with modern decor, stylish lighting and a killer courtyard.

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Fresh juices feature on the menu.

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Taylor from The Melbourne Cheapskate a Melbourne blogging and social media legend. 

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Check out the display cabinet full of treats; from lasagne to baguettes, to sausage rolls, pies, gourmet salads and cakes.

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Bircher muesli made traditionally with grated apple, pear and slivered almonds.

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Buttermilk pancakes with strawberries, ice cream and maple syrup an indulgent dish at Bossy Boots Cafe.

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Bossy Boots Cafe in Brighton is worth a visit for its quality home style food, excellent coffee, healthier style dishes, excellent ambience and its second to none take home food offerings. Get on it.