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6 Frozen Meals That Deserve A Spot in Every Freezer

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For the time poor professional we need solutions when it comes to our eating habits. We are out and about in Melbourne almost every day, and sometimes life gets busy. We purchased a large chest freezer some time ago so we can stock up on our favourite frozen easy meals. As a lifestyle blogger and always on the go, we are also prepared with a selection of foods we love to keep in the freezer. Convenience and healthy options are important to us, being able to take out a frozen meal and have it ready to eat within minutes is part of a modern lifestyle.

Here are our 6 frozen meals that deserve a spot in every freezer: 

1. Curries

We love our curries; and always like them to have some kick. We've been impressed with Weight Watchers Thai Red Prawn Curry, one of the new Gourmet range of meals by Weight Watchers. The Thai Red Prawn Curry features spicy red curry with vegetables, prawns and steamed brown jasmine rice. The World Loves Melbourne loves the flavours and balance of the dish and the creamy sauce with a bit of spicy "kick". The plump pink prawns are a hit; as is the brown rice. One of our favourite frozen meals that tastes great made from the perfect combination of nutritious and wholesome ingredients.

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2. Risotto

Risotto is such a popular dish these days and we love to keep some in the freezer for quick, tasty healthy meals. The Chicken and Vegetable Risotto from Weight Watchers is part of the Classic range of frozen meals. Featuring marinated chicken and vegetables with white wine and garlic, a brilliant combination. It's important for risotto to be creamy and the Chicken and Vegetable Risotto from Weight Watchers fits the bill. The white wine and garlic gives the dish a nuance of indulgence and big flavour, while still being a healthy dish.

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3. Meat Pies

A meat pie has been a lifelong pleasure, and these days we are happy to see pie dishes for the freezer that can be part of a balanced eating plan. The Weight Watchers Beef Cottage Pie features beef and vegetables in a rich tomato base, topped with creamy mash potato. To be honest we're big fans of creamy mash, although it has to be the right consistency. The Weight Watchers Beef Cottage Pie is full of flavour with the beef and vegetables perfectly complementing the creamy mash.  

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4. Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce is a must have in the freezer. There are so many meals you can whip up with a good batch of pasta sauce. Of course, the classic favourite being Spaghetti Bolognese! We always buy the top quality low fat premium mince then cook up the sauce and place it in freezer bags for the chest freezer for convenience.  

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5. Flatbread

Bread is a popular addition to the freezer, and great to have on hand. Flatbread is a great option for a quick healthy meal. Just add some tomato paste or smear some yoghurt or goats cheese across it, and add your favourite toppings. Yum!

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6. Stir Fry

We stock up on tubs of pre-prepared stir fry in our freezer. We also recommend the Weight Watchers Beef in Spiced Plum Sauce, one from their Gourmet range of dishes. It features tender marinated beef in plum sauce with steamed brown jasmine rice and vegetables. This is one of our favourites from the Weight Watchers range with a surprising amount of spice, which we love. The meal is snap frozen and full of flavour. The choice of including brown jasmine rice is modern and brilliant. This meal is the perfect hearty and healthy meal for one of Melbourne's infamous cold days.

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 This post is sponsored by Weight Watchers, but all thoughts and opinions including recipe ideas and meal suggestions are my own.