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Long Chim Launches in Melbourne

Acclaimed chef David Thompson is in town with the launch of Long Chim at Crown, bringing Thai street food to another level. This is a much anticipated opening and The World Loves Melbourne was privileged to be at the launch. Frankly Thai is one of our favourite cuisines, especially when it's executed by the one of the world's top chefs. Surely one of the best Thai restaurants in Melbourne.

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David Thompson chatting with Curtis Stone.

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We wondered who was cooking in Melbourne that night because it seemed that every top chef in town was at this launch (not to mention many other celebs and media). One of the hottest events of the year. 

LongChim 24

Curtis Stone and Leanne Clancey.

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LongChim 15

Just as hot as the event was the casual Thai fare from David Thompson; dishes that turn up the heat but reveal a savvy and bring Thai food lovers a fresh revelation. David Thompson himself was engaging and connected with many around the room, obviously a much loved and admired chef by his peers. This was also a chance for top chefs to engage each other in this modern space.

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LongChim 20

Curtis Stone was a celeb on hand with his restaurant Maude being the toast of America (we were in Hollywood Hills ourselves recently). It was great to chat with Curtis about his Hollywood Hills Restaurant (with a different key ingredient featured each month).

LongChim 26

OMG! I would love to know what Matt was whispering to Curtis.

We were given samples of the Long Chim food during the night, including a fabulous Larb, some Moo Ping skewers and betel leaf parcles. And it left us wanting more.

LongChim 29

Monica Brown chatting with Peter Gunn.

We know David Thompson from his success in Sydney including at Sailor's Thai and with Nahm in London and then in Bangkok (Asia's best in 2014). I've been to the Asia 50 Best Awards where Nahm was acclaimed and even met David Thompson at the 2015 awards on Sentosa Island.

LongChim 31 

LongChim 35

David Thompson has been described as a "cook's cook" and his cooking has displayed a deep respect for traditional Thai cuisine but then abringing a modern touch.

Dishes at Long Chim (which means "come and try") include Betel leaf parcels stuffed with ginger and dried prawn, Cured pork sausage with ginger and chillies, Hot and sour soup, Fish cakes with cucumber, Beef Skewers, as tasty starters.

Or go big with the legendary Pad Thai, Baked prawns with glass noodles, Bean Curd Laksa, famous Green beef curry, and the Been curd laksa for example. David Thompson is not afraid of spice; how we like it, as the dishes are authentic. You can imagine yourself being in Thailand.