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Jerry Mai Opens Annam Restaurant

Chef Jerry Mai of Pho Nom at Emporium and Collins Street has recently opened Annam Restaurant Bar, her latest Vietnamese restaurant offering. Annam remains true to her Vietnamese roots, however takes a different direction from her current restaurants. Jerry Mai is cooking with fire!

 Annam 1

Located at 56 Little Bourke Street in the CBD, this new enterprise offers a wider dining experience. It also introduces a new venture with friend and business partner Rani Doyle of The National Hotel, Richmond (another venue we love).

Annam is named after a region of central Vietnam that holds the countries cultural capital, Hue. Indeed it was the name that was used to describe the country during the French Indochina occupation. Authenticity is a keynote to everthing Jerry Mai does.

Annam 2

 The menu of both the kitchen and the bar of Annam strongly reflects the modernity and energy of Vietnam today, embracing its diverse multi-cultural history. The restaurant is a place of finery, with stunning architecture and sexy booths by Olaver Architecture.

Annam 3

Miso Cobia.

The restaurant, designed by architect Emlyn Olaver, delivers an energetic and friendly environment with rustic exposed walls surrounding a cross section of seating, from large communal tables and intimate banquets to bar stools. Reclaimed materials and neon signs surround the noise and action of the open kitchen, transporting customers to the energy of an Asian street market.

Annam 4

Smoked Mackerel.

Originally from Vietnam, Jerry Mai arrived as a refuge to Australia in 1984. Her cuisine is a happy combination of her deep-rooted respect for Australian produce and way of life, married with her Vietnamese recipes and culture.

Annam 6

Sarsparilla Braised Ox Tail dumplings and Prawn and Pork Siu Mai.

As with her previous establishments, all of Jerry’s produce will come direct from growers and producers she knows and trusts.

Annam 7

Rani Doyle has a wealth of bar and beverage experience in the city and is responsible for all of the drinks offering. The energy of the bar and open kitchen delivers a robust and lively environment for diners to enjoy all day dining.

Annam 8

Annam 9

The menu itself has a strong bias to charcoal cooking, an area that Jerry has spent the last year or so exploring. An onsite oven that makes charcoal in house and to requirement features, allowing the kitchen total control over flavour and precision cooking. Annam is located at 56 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000. Hours 12.00 midday to late, open all day. Images: Lana Langhorst.