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Melbourne Gin Company Takeover of Mountain Goat

World Gin day was celebrated in Melbourne with gusto and The World Loves Melbourne was invited to a special event; the Melbourne Gin Company takeover of Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond. One of the best things to do in Melbourne is visit our distilleries and breweries.

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Refreshing gin for the discerning drinker.

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The folks at Mountain Goat kindly opened up their brewery specially for MGC to stage an MGC “Takeover” of Mountain Goat. What a space this is! This event was one of the largest masterclasses we have ever attended. We rocked up expecting say one or two tables, as we normally encounter, only to find a masterclass of 70 participants!

The Mountain Goat Brewery, located in Richmond, was an ideal location for gin (and beer) lovers to come together to celebrate World Gin Day with the Melbourne Gin Company team.

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We were given 3 lots of MGC Gin paired with 3 types of tonic. We had to decide which one paired best with the gin. The range was Fever Tree, Schweppes and Capi. Straight away I could discern Fever Tree on the first tasting. For me Fever Tree wins hands down. It is by far the best tonic with gin. Fever Tree lets the gin shine and has some nuances of its own. Discerning New World drinkers fancy Fever Tree tonic; made famous by Adria at El Bulli restaurant, one of the top restaurants in the world (who we recently met).

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Cheers! To be honest I often drink gin straight with ice or with mineral water. Or I seek out Fever Tree tonic.

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Master Distiller Andrew Marks conducted a botanical masterclass in the afternoon and was on hand to pour a few pints and G&Ts at the bar. Andrew gave us a fascinating insight into the world of gin making and the world of Melbourne Gin Company. He discussed every botanical in the process and we learned every botanical is critical. If there's one missing or an inconsistency with one botanical, then the gin tastes different. MGC has been able to achieve a consistency and quality over its batches. Andrew spoke of making gin like the structure of a perfume with base notes and high notes. 

For example, Andrew found that Cassia Bark gave the gin superb "nutty" notes and Rosemary gave a refreshing flavour and natural oil.

The takeover also included drinks at the bar - MGC cocktails, Mountain Goat Beers and Pizza. A great night to connect with other media and with Andrew.

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I asked Andrew if I could take his photo; posing with his gin. Such a passionate Master Distiller!
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We found the botanical masterclass informative and a great introduction into the gin making. How good would it be to make gin! Andrew started humbly with a small piece of distillery equipment.
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Mountain Goat Brewery is a magical location with a hipster feel.
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 We enjoyed Mountain Goat Beers, G&T's and Negronis (including an All-Australian Negroni using Applewood Red Okar.
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 I rate the pizza at Mountain Goat Brewery, with a decent crust.
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Thanks to Melbourne Gin Company and Mountain Goat Brewery. This was a highly enjoyable event on World Gin day.