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Best Boutique Wineries in Victoria

Here are our favourite boutique wineries in Victoria. We enjoy a range of wineries but we especially enjoy the bespoke and boutique winery experience.

Best's Winery - Great Western Grampians

Best's is a revelation as a generational family run business. Not only are the wines top notch but also the whole cellar door experience is a lesson in Australian history going back to 1866. If you didn't know about this place beforehand and were just driving around the region, you will be stunned by the age of the winery and the quality offerings. Take the time to do a wine tasting with the friendly staff at The Stables. Then go downstairs for the Concongella Cellar Walk through hand dug tunnels to the wonderland of history below with old barrels, old clothing, signage, old wine making equipment, maps and other items from an era past, with some of it still in operation. This surely has to be one of the most unique boutique winery experiences in Australia.

Grampians 35

History and great wine awaits.

Grampians 39

Charming cellar door.

Grampians 69

Grampians 72

Wines are top notch. Thinking they've learned a thing or two since 1866! 

Grampians 43

Merricks Creek Winery - Mornington Peninsula

Conversing with anyone who has ever been to Merricks Creek, only an hour from Melbourne on the fabulous Mornington Peninsula, there's an immediate excitement. "Oh yes Merricks Creek. Love that place. Great wine and food. Great setting. Great people. Great vibe." Then usually a reference to the boutique nature of this winery gem and it's family run attraction. This is the perfect place to visit for a catch up with friends, couples and families. The wine is stunning with Dr Peter Parker employing French winemaking techniques to make the Pinot Noir. The Estate Chardonnay is also a feature.

Talk all things wine with Dr Peter Parker at the modern cellar door. Sit at a table on the raised deck and take in the vineyard setting with a gourmet share plate or three (at generous prices to boot). This is a winery that has a discernable charm and that people return back to on weekends. 

MerricksCreekBloggers 1

Vines include close planted vines as you might see in France.

MerricksCreekBloggers 124

Deconstructed Tiramisu is a perennial hit.

MerricksCreekBloggers 26

Gardens are therapeutic.

MCSocialMedia 125

Evolving menu has seasonal changes.

MCSocialMedia 178

Swiss style Raclette grilled cheese with cornichons and cocktail onions is a popular dish.

MCSocialMedia 69

A selection of top notch Terrines also graces the compelling menu. Food to pair with standout wines!

Many people have told me Merricks Creek is charming, refreshing and rewarding, even unique.

MCSocialMedia 33

Soumah Winery - Yarra Valley

Soumah is a hidden gem of a winery in the Yarra Valley with a strong boutique presence, nestled in the Warramate foothills. Feeling like a slice of Italy in the Yarra Valley - then walk this way! The olive trees near the entrance are a bit of a giveaway to all things Italian. take your time at the cellar door inside then move across to the restaurant. The wines are an ode to Southern Europe and Northern Italy. Varietals you don't always see in the region reside at Soumah; Nebbiolo, Brachetto Pink Sparkling, Savarro and Ai Fiori to name a few.

The restaurant is open a surprising 7 days a week for Italian style food and the wines pair perfectly. Indoor and outdoor seating is available and the quality of food is outstanding.

YarraValleyWineCompass 25

Stroll past the olive trees.

YarraValleyWineCompass 57

A serious restaurant so allocate some hours.

YarraValleyWineCompass 46

Experience some European style wines from Italian styles to Eastern French styles.

YarraValleyWineCompass 77

Italian fare paired perfectly with Soumah wines.

YarraValleyWineCompass 60

Sweeping views and magical colours.

YarraValleyWineCompass 30 

Oakridge Estate - Yarra Valley

Whenever someone mentions Yarra Valley they often mention Oakridge in the same breath. A showcase of a winery and restaurant in the Yarra Valley, it never fails to impress when hosting out of towners. Drive past the lake and the gently sloping vineyards to the modern cellar door where a wine tasting session is highly recommended. Oakridge Wines have an elegance and are strong across the board. Then move across to the restaurant where seasonal dishes with flair are the order of the day.

Many may not know that Oakridge is a family owned winery and a proudly boutique winery in Victoria. The restaurant hits the high notes with Head Chef Matt Stone working wonders with innovation. he is able to draw on local producers as well as the Oakridge Garden on site that he lovingly tenders.

Oakridge17 41

Postcard perfect.

Oakridge17 11

Seasonality in a bowl.

Oakridge17 26

Elegant wines with elegant dishes.

Oakridge17 6

Even the bread is house made.

A first class restaurant setting with delightful views from the large windows. Oakridge Estate is a largish operation that has kept its boutique feel and it never disappoints.

Oakridge17 2