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Le Petit Chef 3D Mapping Dining Sensation in Melbourne

Le Petit Chef the 3D Mapping dining sensation has come to Melbourne and it's fabulous. The people behind Restaurant Lume and Cardigan Place Cellars are hosting this global phenomenon, putting their own interpretation on the experience. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience Le Petit Chef first hand.

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After a drink at the bar at Cardigan Place Cellars we were ushered upstairs into the private room.

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Veronica Quade from Cardigan Place with a bright introduction to Le Petit Chef.

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Melbourne diners are increasingly looking for bespoke dining experiences. Here we have hospitality meets tech in a memorable exciting dining experience. On its own the food and wine offering is exceptional, driven by some of Melbourne's most talented chefs and wine aficionados.

Chef Kirra Parsons has done an incredible interpretation of Le Petit Chef's menu. The innovation and flair of this food and wine offering enhances the sensory experience in my opinion.

The 3D Mapping is a global sensation.  The combination of standout menu and tech offering is memorable.

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Our 3D projection mapping experience begins. 

Rave reports from me. Le Petit Chef has been a hit with diners throughout the world: from London, Toronto, Berlin, Dubai and Stockholm, to Nashville, Istanbul and Cologne. Now the Le Petit Chef immersive dining concept has launched on our shores, and Melbourne foodies are first in line to join the culinary adventure.

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Extraordinary visual presentation with soundtrack.

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Smoked cashews with Le Petit Chef visuals starting to appear on the table. 

The concept, which was developed in Belgium by creative studio Skullmapping, uses 3D rendering and projection mapping technology to tell the story of a 58mm miniature chef—who catches, prepares and cooks dinner before diners’ eyes. We met some of the tech team at the launch which was amazing.

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I was excited by the bread, not one of the courses, but brilliant.

Guests can expect Le Petit Chef to whip up three courses over the course of a typical evening, including a Bouillabaisse (fragrant vegetable broth with seafood), Cape Grim Grass Fed Scotch Fillet with Broccolini and Kale, and a Caramelized Milk Parfait with fresh strawberries and chocolate glaze.

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Porcini mushroom broth poured over a bed of enoki mushrooms, fennel fronds, poached mussels, calamari, octopus and cured kingfish. The broth is a killer and lifts the dish into a taste and texture cacophony with a touch of the exotic. Beautifully presented dish with a delightful range of seafood. A modern interpretation of a Bouillabaisse.

Served with 2018 Blind Corner "Blanc" Chenin Blanc/ Sauvignon Blanc from Quindalup WA.

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While we elected for the alcoholic option, there’s also an Australian wine pairing and non ­alcoholic cocktail pairing on offer to complement the meal. 

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Extraordinary Le Petit Chef menu interpretation from talented Chef Kirra Parsons who runs the kitchen at Cardigan Place Cellars and is ex Restaurant Lûmé (one of Melbourne and Australia's best restaurants).

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There were just 8 dinners at our Le Petit Chef session. Intimate sensory dining experience not to be missed.

Cute animation aside, a spokesman for Interactive Dinner (the company behind the events) explained that there’s more to the concept than meets the eye: “Le Petit Chef is about storytelling. We’re using technology in a playful way to create an immersive journey for diners—and help tell the story about where their food has come from. How it’s created and how it’s connected to us.”

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Wine offering is well thought out and perfect in contributing to the sensory experience.

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Le Petit Chef has received widespread attention in China, where the event has already taken place in more than 30 restaurants (in 2017 alone, over 100,000 guests took part).

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 Incredible visuals with clue a steak was about to come...

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Cape Grim (Tasmania) grass fed scotch fillet, served with a stout glaze, hasselback potato, kale and broccolini. Cape Grim beef is arguably the best in Australia but it's what you do with it. Perfectly cooked beef melt in your mouth with a cracking stout glaze, crispy hasselback having been sliced and roasted, and top notch kale and broccolini vegetables. Once again a delicious modern interpretation of the Le Petit Chef foodie brief.

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Melt in your mouth Cape Grim steak. Served with 2017 Ministry of Clouds Tempranillo/Grenache, McLaren Vale SA.

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Spectacular 3D projection with soundtrack.

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The 3D Mapping visuals another hint that dessert was to come.

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Le Petit Chef stunning projection as we are served Caramelised milk parfait rolled in crushed water biscuits, fresh strawberries and chocolate glaze. Served with 2017 Huia Botrytis Riesling, Marlborough NZ.

A delightful parfait with biscuit crunch, fresh strawberry hit, and a stunning chocolate glaze to mop up everything. Top notch.

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We enjoyed a drink at the bar at Cardigan Place Cellars, a fabulous location to catch up with friends and enjoy a session.

For Interactive Dinner, high levels of Chinese tourism into the Australian market have revealed new opportunities to expand the project.

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With Melbourne’s reputation as a leader in food, art and innovation, it makes sense that the city will be first to play host. The dinners are an offer at the newly opened Cardigan Place Cellars wine bar in Albert Park.

Tickets are available now online at:

Date: Wednesday to Sunday, starting 21 November

Time: 6pm and 8pm Duration: approx. 90 minutes

Price: $190

Location: Cardigan Place Cellars, 67 Cardigan Place, Albert Park Bookings: