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Burgers and Sides at Smoke & Pickles

Smoke and Pickles is one of the finest burger houses in Melbourne, but it's not just a burger joint. They re-branded from Changz to Smoke & Pickles, building on their strength of smoking and pickling. As a burger house this joint shines, but the depth of their menu offerings is greater than most due to their killer sides. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience the burgers and sides at Smoke & Pickles and we were highly impressed.

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 Located in the burbs in the leafy suburb of Elsternwick Smoke & Pickles has proved to be a comfort food hub. Naked light bulbs, exposed brick walls and quirky decor adorn (with nod to Star Wars), with mural on the wall. Sit at communal tables inside or enjoy the vibe outside. There's an air of authenticity about Smoke & Pickles. They make loads of things from scratch. Check out their quality range of hot sauces (famous) and smoked goods. 

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Burgers are on song, with decent beef and chicken, well balanced interesting burgers to suit modern tastes, and they use quality Japanese milk buns.

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We were treated to the Canteen Classic burger which is currently off menu, featuring beef, fried chicken, double cheese, bacon, Canteen sauce, onion, pickles and jalapenos. This is one of our favourite burgers in Melbourne (see our article on Best Burgers in Melbourne). A massive burger featuring both beef and chicken (why not?). It's a large, well balanced, juicy burger that ticks all the boxes. You won't leave hungry.

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The Chipotle Chicken is one of the best fried chicken burgers in Melbourne and features crispy fried chicken, cheese, chipotle mayo, pickled onion, and lettuce. The chipotle mayo is a killer and lifts the burger with some welcome heat.

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Chilli Cheese burger (double) features beef, cheese, chilli relish, special mayo and pickles.

Also popular are the Reuben Burger and the Truffle & Mushroom burger.

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Sides were exceptional. the pick of the sides for me was the House made Pastrami featuring slow cooked brisket served with fresh horseradish. This was melt in your mouth meat cooked to perfection.

You may want to visit Smoke & Pickled just for the sides, even though the burgers are awesome.

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Smoked chicken wings were another highlight, with light seasoning perfection.

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A surprise was the Pickled Watermelon; something I'd never thought of as a pickled item but has proved extremely popular and I loved it. Even the watermelon rind is pickled.

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The Boston Pickles are pickles at their best; thick and chunky pickles featuring garlic and dill cucumbers. A must order for pickles lovers like us. You may feel like you're in a American BBQ joint as much as a burger house. Highly recommended.