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David's Restaurant New Contemporary Shanghai Menu

David's in Prahran is an iconic restaurant in Melbourne (not many can boast a successful 20 year journey) and we were invited along to experience the new menu featuring 30 new Shanghai inspired dishes.

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As David’s confidently enters its third decade, the restaurant is shaking things up with the introduction of 30 new dishes that aim to revolutionise Chinese food as we know it. Davids' is not your usual suburban Chinese offering - it defines itself with unique dishes that ooze character with many a story behind each dish. You could describe the menu as "refined street food".

The wine list is also a highlight including this marvellous Violet Hour Bondar McLaren Vale Shiraz we enjoyed (above).

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Shanghai inspired dishes that excite, with compelling sauces and expert cooking and marination.

An interior refresh softens the venue’s features and the kitchen has received a major upgrade, ensuring Melburnians get their fix of fresh and simple Shanghainese comfort food that David's is famous for. Along with a welcome extension of the bar.

The new menu enhances the quality of local seasonal ingredients while unlocking nostalgic food memories shared by the Zhou family. We were impressed that the wait staff were able to explain dishes and communicate some of the stories to us.

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Attractive decor and memories of Shanghai adorn.

Diners can expect a melting pot of street food flavours that underpin the tastes, smells and cultural diversity of Nanjing Road where David Zhou grew up.

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Dumplings are a must order at David's. The Wagyu Dumplings are a showstopper with generous filling of wagyu flavour, and you need to dip them in the chilli soy sauce. Ultimate comfort food?

The Classic Prawn Har Gow with pork is another personal favourite. Delicate traditional prawn dumplings at their best.

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Named after the bustling hawker stall found underneath where Zhou grew up, taste the rich black bean flavours of the hawker style lamb that is cooked slowly with onion and tomatoes like a ragu.  The dish is served with shaobing flat bread to hold the tender meat and topped off with fresh lime, the perfect evening snack after a long night out.

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In some ways this dish is like a "Chinese kebab" and a compelling street food choice. For me this dish was a rustic highlight and the meat was super tender with plenty of comforting delicious gravy.

Other family favourites grace the menu like the half chicken and chestnuts which is a classic home-cooked recipe that uses Bannockburn chicken stewed with flavoured shallots, red cooked chestnuts and soy bean paste.

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Most popular during the height of chestnut season in Shanghai, the dish is perfectly slow cooked for over three hours and made perfect with a crispy skin.

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David’s classic traditional sticky pork belly that was first made famous when they first opened over 20 years ago, will not be going off the menu anytime soon. It continues to excite and we enjoyed this dish with the Shanghai Special Fried Rice. The pork belly is glazed in a sticky sweet sauce and is one of the best pork belly dishes in Melbourne.

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Mixing it up in the bowl. Chopsticks the way to go.

The Shanghai Special Fried Rice was like a meal in itself, a generous portion featuring refreshing bok choy, shiitake, egg, and tasty lap cheong sausage.

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Jasmine tea infused chocolate fudge is a sophisticated dish with welcome tea nuances and a delightful fudge texture.The jasmine tea infused chocolate fudge cake offers a layer of subtle flavour, aroma and colour to the menu.

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In keeping with David’s signature tea-infused cuisine, taste the tannins of the jasmine tea on first bite, balancing the sweetness. The tofu cream is infused with oolong tea and lime, decorated with strawberries marinated in silver needles tea.

Dessert at David’s continues to blur the line between eastern and western cuisine. Chinese flavours are given a modern twist to create contemporary sweets that are refined and fragrant.

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There is also an option to experience three different banquets – Zhou’s Family Banquet, a Celebration Banquet and the Suckling Pig Banquet for special occasions or to treat your tastebuds to the ultimate flavour journey.

Service is always to notch at David's and I always feel they make me feel like one of the family. Highly recommended.