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Feasting At Passage Thru Malaysia Restaurant

Passage Thru Malaysia is an awarded restaurant in Greensborough that specialises in Malaysian style tapas as well as traditional Malaysian dishes. The World Loves Melbourne was invited along to experience the best of Malaysian cooking, with Jerena and her family at the helm. We were super impressed by the quality and array of dishes, but also the heart and soul that goes into the Passage Thru Malaysia experience. It's a true local hero.

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Welcoming approacheable authentic Malaysian food including stunning laksas.

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An open kitchen enhances the experience.

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Like an Aussie football says Jerena.

Walk in to a world of Malaysian hospitality with a vibrant colourful bright restaurant, welcomed by Jerena front of house who is one of the best hospitality people I've encountered, totally welcoming and engaging the customers. It's a place you'd want to return to for the charming service, not just the food. Not just a meal, this is an experience. In fact I felt I came away knowing more about and connecting with Malaysia than I have before.

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Colourful and vibrant restaurant where you can discover more about Malaysia.

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You are struck by the Malaysian style decor and collectibles. Jerena tells us that she brings back a few more collectibles in her luggage upon every visit to Malaysia. You will find water pots and paintings, instruments, clothing, small bikes, sketches, artistic expressions and so many more collectibles. Jerena gave us a tour of the restaurant drawing our attention to the Malaysian decor and the stories behind the various pieces. I found the restaurant to be warm and inviting; a happy place in Greensborough.

You feel like you are invited to the family dinner table. It's a family affair with Jerena's sister also working in the kitchen. In the middle of winter this place was pumping on a Tuesday night; a true taste of any restaurant, let alone in the burbs. We experienced some tapas style dishes each bursting with flavour. We asked for medium to hot regarding spice, and we enjoyed the heat of the dishes, even eating the chillies to the surprise of Jerena.

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The logo artwork on the wall gives a sign of the style of the Malaysian dishes; with Malay, Chinese and Indian influences.

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Roti chicken roll was a fun tasty and satisfying dish with crunch.  

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This popular dish from Malaysia is known as CKT (char kway teow), in fact a national favourite. Wide flat noodles are the best, as is the Chinese sausage, prawns and other tasty ingredients.

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Mee Goreng is another famous Malaysian dish, featuring spicy fried noodles, chicken and prawns. Rewarding and honest flavours and textures.

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Authentic Malaysian cuisine.

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Dishes came at once so that we could feast together.

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Crispy SHHH Chicken was a surprise; who would think crispy chicken skins could be such a highlight but they are one of the most popular dishes at Passage Thru Malaysia. Some welcome chilli heat enhanced the dish (we ate the chillies).

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Nestum cereal prawns were also a highlight with a honey prawn flavour, a dish often seen at street food stalls. The dish features Nestum cereal - no other brand of cereal suits this dish.

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Crunchy and sweet prawn indulgence.

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Feasting at Passge Thru Malaysia is joyous.

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The Seafood Laksa was full of quality ingredients, perfect noodles and tangy broth.

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Cocktails, wines and beers are also a feature.

The dishes are designed to share; even the Seafood Laksa was shared by us as they brought a couple of bowls. A hidden gem is the private room of the old bank vault out the back; when we were there a family was enjoying a special birthday occasion. 

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Passage Thru Malaysia lives up to its name giving you a journey through Malaysia. Highly enjoyable, playful and fun, we highly recommend this restaurant.