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Launch of Shotspresso Cold Pressed Coffee

Have you been jogging at the park or just sitting at your office desk, wishing you could have a quick hit of caffeine without going to the store or leaving your seat? Well now you can. Introducing Shotspresso, an all natural energy shot made from 100% cold pressed coffee 3x the strength of a standard espresso, without any added caffeine. This week announced their on-the-go espresso shot which will officially launch August 17, 2020.

Designed to be a clean energy drink that consumers can take with them anywhere, consume anytime. Shotspresso is will play a role in the coffee as well as the energy drinks industry, by combining the beverage we all love in the morning with an on-the-go energy shot.

“Shotspresso was created for those who are always trying to live their best life, with days full of activity in their schedule alongside keeping their body and mind a priority”, “Unlike other energy drinks or bottled coffee; Shotspresso is naturally high in caffeine, only has 12 calories and 0 sugar. You can enjoy a shot of coffee at the out at the park, the office or even on the plane when you travel!” Jay Wong, Shotspresso’s founder.

Shotspresso is made by steeping coffee beans into cold water and slowly pressing it in a period of 24 hours until all the steeped-coffee liquid has been extracted, which is why it’s called ‘cold-pressed coffee’. It uses high amounts of coffee beans without the use of caffeine powder to enhance it’s caffeine content so it’s purely organic and natural. The two flavours will be Pure Black & Sweetened Black.

Additionally, Shotspresso is an environmentally-conscious company, distributing bottles made of glass and aluminum for a total recyclable packaging. Not to mention, Shotspresso is brewed locally in Queensland which is important as “one of the company’s mission is to keep production local”. Another important note is that 5% of all profits are donated back to coffee farmers from Brazil who work directly on the farms in order to improve their livelihood and enjoyment of harvesting. “We see this as a win-win-win situation as our consumers get a great tasting beverage, the coffee farmers have the privilege to enjoy harvests and we feel like we’re making an impact by giving back”.

The Shotspresso sweetened black flavour will be launching August 17, 2020 at 8AM AEST Melbourne/Sydney Time. There will only be a limited number of 6-packs made available, with 150 boxes up for grabs during the release. If you’re looking to boost your daily productivity and focus or simply just try a delicious new coffee product, sign-up to the launch now and receive a bonus 20% off on launch day at For more information, visit: