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VanDeRo Launches New Mustard Selection

VanDeRō has launched a gourmet mustard selection which is delicious and also supports hungry Australians in need. The World Loves Melbourne was gifted with a pack of the mustard and we were highly impressed. These are real gourmet mustards packed with flavour, a mustard for every occasion. And the beautiful box enhances this selection as the perfect gift during this festive season. For all mustard lovers out there, it's a winner.

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Emerging Australian mustard brand, VanDeRō, is here to feed Australians in need while simultaneously bringing a selection of the country’s finest gourmet mustards to the table.
VanDeRō, have teamed up with OzHarvest to create an Australian first, a 1 Jar = 1 Meal guarantee. Every jar of mustard purchased will allow OzHarvest to deliver one full meal to an Australian in need. It’s not a promotion, it’s not a ‘special’, it’s a company ethos. 

“We wanted to empower people,” Callie van der Merwe, co-founder of VanDeRō. 

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Perfect gift, dobs on Grass fed rump steak.

“We wanted to allow everyday people to easily make a difference, and encourage other companies and organisations to do the same.” VanDeRō have taken the finest, artisanal gourmet craftsmanship, and brought it together with the best, freshest farm-to-table ingredients Australia’s primary producers can offer. 

The result is a range of gourmet mustards like no other; with flavours like “Nuts, Seeds & Port”, “Seeded Sweet White Rō” and “Craft Beer”.

How good is that! So not only do you get to enjoy premium mustards but you feel extra good about it. 


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The VanDeRō story goes back 20 years to when Callie’s parents, Carel and Anna Sophia, ran a small olive farm. Anna Sophia stumbled upon a ‘Canned Can’ stall running a competition for creative condiment recipes. She entered there and then with an intuitive recipe around mustards, something she had never done before. Not only did she win the competition, but the local competition judge immediately placed an order for the mustard itself. This turned inspiration into reality and Anna Sophia’s mustards were born.

After 20 years of running as a small, home production, VanDeRō has launched on a larger scale, featuring an array of quality, high-end mustards crafted from the freshest local produce and manufactured for use in star-rated restaurants and home kitchens alike.

VanDeRō has set out to make a mustard that makes a difference  The company wants everyone to be part of their mission to provide food security for all Australians – one jar of mustard at a time. 

Find out how each purchase can make a difference through their 1 Jar = 1 Meal Campaign.

We've tested out the mustards with various foods including Grass fed rump steak (above, earlier in this article) and Roast lamb and lamb sausages (below).

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As I say, this box of mustard selections is amazing in itself, but the benefit to provide meals for the hungry makes this offering extra special. Get on it.