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Little Hof; South Melbourne Market’s Newest Venue Serving Iconic German Street Food

We're excited to get our fill of Oktoberfest treats all year round at Melbourne’s newest German street food venue, Little Hof. We’re talking crackling pork knuckle on the rotisserie, sizzling German sausages on the BBQ and Bretzels fresh out of the oven, all while sipping on a cold Bavarian Bier. Situated in the heart of one of the city’s most important food markets, South Melbourne Market, Little Hof is set to put German food on the map by creating an authentic, European food experience.

Little Hof 2
Little Hof is the latest venue from the team behind the iconic German Bierhall Hofbrauhaus Melbourne in the heart of Chinatown, and The Hof Downtown (who we've enjoyed aome amazing hospitality from). Home to the oldest Hofbrauhaus outside of Europe, Melbourne’s strong ties with German cuisine inspired the team to venture into the street food market. Indeed, there is no better place to do that than the South Melbourne Market (making a sensational market even better).

While the market itself boasts a diverse culinary landscape from all corners of the globe; one thing was missing - German food - and Little Hof aims to bridge that gap. Bringing an authentic German street food experience to the market patrons, the team explains that they “want to bring back that memory from [customers’] last Europe trip and surprise people with [their] food.”

Transport your taste buds to Bavaria with their well thought menu - a true testament to the German food scene. Executive Chef Sunny Gilbert (former MoVida, TGI Friday, Oriental Teahouse) achieves authentic German flavours by combining traditional recipes with local ingredients and those imported from Germany. “The food is as German as it gets. We are not here to pretend we are anything or anyone else.” The result; a selection of heartwarming, homey dishes that have never been seen in the Melbourne street food scene.

Little Hof 3

The menu, like the venue itself, is tight, focussing on cult German specialities - all adapted to a more accessible, street food format. Hofbrauhaus Melbourne’s infamous Pork Knuckle (don't we love it) will be available fresh from the rotisserie - slowly roasted on the bone with crispy crackling and served on a bed of sauerkraut, mustard and gherkins. For a classic German street food experience, the Currywurst is one to note - featuring a traditional Bratwurst topped with a tomato-based curry sauce. But it doesn’t stop there. Little Hof is home to the city’s most prominent, and best Bretzel wall - stocked with perfect bakery goodness, baked fresh in store each morning.

As for the drinks, the Bier selection is imported straight from Bavaria and Austria, paying homage to the authentic European market experience. General Manager, Phillipp Hockenberger comments “Our philosophy is to support only family-owned breweries, to protect the industry from the take over of shareholder-driven global companies.”

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Designer Matthew Kent (Director of Mariljohn Commercial Kitchens) is the powerhouse behind the interior, having designed and constructed some of Australia’s most stunning venues including Estelle, Matilda 159, St Ali and Longsong. The small, cosy space is not short of impact, using bricks from it’s older sibling The Hof Downtown favouring an industrial, Berlin-chic vibe. One wall is dedicated purely to telling the story of German Street Food - featuring images of a Berlin sausage vendor in 1908, a Bretzel saleswoman at the 1920 Oktoberfest and the invention location of Currywurst.

Emphasising everyday convenience, the venue hopes to act as a social space for Melbournians to connect over a few drinks, a bite to eat and a love for German culture. “We want to create a great hub to connect with strangers, hang out with friends before starting the night or just to bring the whole family after a busy day of shopping and sightseeing.” Bringing the essence of German street food culture to Melbourne, there is no doubt that Little Hof will be a South Melbourne Market mainstay. Whether you’re looking to broaden your cultural horizons, fill your belly after a market visit, or enjoy a few sociable biers, there is something for everyone at Little Hof.

Little Hof is located at
90/116 Cecil St,
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Opening hours:
9am - 9:30pm Wednesday - Sunday