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Delicious Thali Lunches at Red Pepper

Red Pepper Indian Restaurant located at the top end of leafy Bourke St is delighting Melbourne diners with its Thali lunches, inspired by owner/chef Jagjeet Kaur. Tired of the same old lunch options? City worker? Looking for a lunch destination for an office celebration? Family or friends catch up in the CBD? Love Indian food?

Red Pepper Thali lunches give you a diversity of flavours and range of dishes, so that you are taken on a journey of India. Having sampled the non vegetarian Thali lunch myself, I found the lunch to be top value for money, as well as generous in size and quality, feeling satiated and satisfied. I also noted the superb use of spices.

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Jagjeet Kaur is an icon of the Melbourne culinary scene, delighting Melburnians since 2006 with her signature dishes and authentic cooking style. Red Pepper is a gem of the city and a "must visit" for Indian food lovers.

Time constraints? Need to get back to the office? Express lunch options include the Vegetarian Thali featuring Paneer Butter Masala with side of daal and seasonal vegetables, served with one naan and rice (vegan option also available) for only $16.90 per person. The Express Non-Vegetarian option features Butter chicken with a side of daal and seasonal vegetables, served with one rice and daal, also for $16.90. The vegetarian option is known as the "Railway Thali", reflecting the authentic food you find in Indian travel on long train journeys.

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Have longer to stay? The Standard Vegetarian Thali lunch for $24.90 per person features mains of a Paneer dish, Khadi, Daal and Seasonal Vegetable dish, served with sides of raita, salad, pickle, one naan and rice. The Standard Non-Vegetarian Thali lunch features mains of Lamb Roganjosh, a chicken dish, and a non vegetarian dish of the day. Served with sides of raita, salad, pickle, one naan and rice, also $24.90 per person. What a feast! The non-vegetarian option is known as the "Highway Thali", reflecting the food on those long Indian interstate highway journeys. 

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Authenticity is a feature at Red Pepper Indian Restaurant and the dishes are made with respect to true Indian flavours. As is the use of spices. Jagjeet does not "dumb down" spice levels for Western tastes. This is why the customers love it so much; dishes true to their heritage and culture.

Newly renovated Red Pepper is a smart modern restaurant with an excellent ambience, located in a highly desirable part of the city at the top end of Bourke St. Both dining halls have been renovated recently, with a rewarding experience whether day or night. With loads of light entering the restaurant by day there is a natural vibrancy, then at night there is a different personality as the classy lights (some imported from Finland) and artistic features provide a romantic atmosphere.

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 Table service is engaging and friendly, with staff eager to please. From time to time Jagjeet herself may make an appearance, taking pride in the whole experience for diners. Jagjeet has been cooking for Melburnians at Red Pepper with passion and skill since 2006.

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You may be surprised by the range of wines and beers, as well as cocktails and spirits at Red Pepper. Or you may choose from an excellent selection of non alcoholic drinks, such as juices and shakes.

Red Pepper is also famous for its Dinner Set Menu offerings, also high quality and affordable. Book your table today.