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Stunning Niku Kappo Kobe Omakase at Yakikami

We were invited to experience the stunning Niku Kappo Kobe Omakase at Yakikami in South Yarra in the famous Josper Room. It's a high-end dining experience in Melbourne and you can watch the Niku Kappo Omakase being prepared in front of you, which is excellent theatre and brings a sense of an intimate special occasion.

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This special menu changes seasonally, and you get to experience 15+ sensational dishes with the best of cooking technique, preparation and the highest standards of produce. Service here is exceptional, complementing the premium dining experience.

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Yakikami is one of only 2 Melbourne restaurants serving Kobe beef, a wagyu from black cattle that is revered in the culinary world. To serve up Kobe beef, Yakikami requires a special license. It is luxe dining at its best.

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The Omakase menu has been designed by Michelin-star Chef Hirokazu Sasaki from Niku Kappo Black in Tokyo. The open kitchen and cooking in front of diners is part of a breathtaking sensory experience. A distinctive is that the meat is cooked over Josper grills, which use a high temperature (and distinctive binchotan charcoal) to bring out the umami flavours.

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Highlights of this Omakase included a celebration of Spring - David Blackmore M9+ Sirloin Katsu Sando with Madeira Miso and Truffle Butter, the indulgence of world-best Kobe beef, Ikejime, Mizore of Lobster, prawn, melon, zucchini dlower, eggplant, the A5 Wagyu tartare with smoked caviar, seared nori, smoked pickled radish, caramelised Daiginjo sake, and the Milky aisu dessert with white strawberry, mixed berry sauce, liquid nitrogen rose petals.

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Wines and cocktails were exceptional. Highly recommended.