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Simon's Peiking Duck Restaurant in Box Hill

We were invited to the epic re-launch of iconic Simon's Peiking Duck Restaurant in Box Hill towards the end of 2022. For a restaurant to have the reputation and standing of Simon's, it requires decades of dedication and success. If ever there was a local hero restaurant it is Simon's Peiking Duck.

To see Simon's Peiking Duck restaurant re-launched in the most stunning way was a testament to their family and team, as well as some quality backers.

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We ate generous amounts of delicious Peking duck, with homage paid during the evening to the late Simon Lay the visionary founder. It was a joyful evening of indulgence.

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Duck pancakes were outstanding (loved the crispy skin and tender flesh) and a showstopper, as well as the duck noodles, soup and then dessert. In essence, this was duck done 3 ways, a strong part of their tradition and the essence of Simon's Peiking Duck moving forward. 

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A great night of conviviality, with the duck pancake experience enhanced by the practice of throwing the pancakes at the guests (a practice Simon initiated years ago). 

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Duck 3 ways is a wonderful journey.

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Special mention to @vistaprintaustralia & @99designs who worked with this restaurant on brilliant branding and design to take them into the modern generation, while respecting heritage. We look forward to a bright future for Simon's Peiking Duck.