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Josh Niland - Cooking for our Future at Australian Open 2023

Josh Niland, Sydney chef, is changing the game with his approach to seafood and as a champion of sustainability, a perfect fit for the 2023 Australian Open. Josh has been winning international awards with his revolutionary approach and we were blessed to attend a keynote talk at the Australian Open AO Beach Bar.

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Having been to Josh Niland's celebrated Paddington restaurant Saint Peter (a must-visit in Sydney) in the past we were hugely excited to hear from the man himself, as part of the Australian Open 2023's stacked food program and AO Talk Series.

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Niland's much celebrated fish and chipper Charcoal Fish is featuring at the AO Beach Bar to serve tennis lovers dishes such as BBQ Queensland Grouper roll with gravy, plus his famous Double Yellowfin tuna cheeseburger. A game changer for food at a sporting event (no offence to pies and sauce). The Batter Fried Rock Flathead was one of the best (if not the best) fish and chips I've ever had. At a sporting event!

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Salads are also of the highest quality.

We heard about about Niland's whole-fish sustainability approach and his thoughts on the future of food. Josh gave us his story from a young boy struggling with illness, to his formative days working in eclectic restaurants and what he learned, to his stint with Heston Blumenthal, through to the early days of Saint Peter.

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For me I gained inspiration not just in Josh's food journey but his life journey as a whole. To quote Josh Niland, "Work in your state of joy!"

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Also says Josh, "anything you can do with meat you can do with fish." I was motivated to get my fish at home "out of the plastic" and let it dry a little more overnight in the fridge. I was impressed that while Josh spoke about his endless innovation he also encouraged us with the "tenacity to finish tasks as well as innovation."

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Excellently hosted and interviewed by Cam Smith. Thanks to Josh Niland, Sophie McGrath and the Australian Open for this event.

Our tickets included a Ground Pass to enjoy the AO for the rest of the day. 

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