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Nico's Sandwiches in Fitzroy A Key Part of Melbourne's Sandwich Tsunami

Nico’s Sandwich Deli is a main player in the emergence of the sandwich wave (if not tsunami) sweeping Melbourne. We visited their Fitzroy sandwich deli on a Saturday morning to find Nico's doing a roaring trade with appealing local vibes. Everythinbg we were told about Nico's was accurate; a mighty sandwich behemoth.


Take a turn off Brunswick Street to a humble eatery with tables and plastic chairs, that understates the quality of the sandwiches made. Humble yet epic. Service was uber friendly.

Both of us (David and Grant) ordered the Tuna Melt, a pulsating sandwich heaving with tuna, phat cheese, pickles and seasoning, housed in thick bread with suitable crunch. It's the stuff of dreams and I've thought about it many times since.


In order to review a venue you'd think we'd order different sandwiches to check out the variety. But the Tuna Melt stood out to the both of us. I was keen to order one or two more sandwiches but to be honest the Tuna Melt was such a beast, and suitably filling. Plus I had a lunch appointment coming up.

Temptations abound at every turn at Nico's and the "Melts" section is a greatest hits compilation including the aforementioned Tuna Melt, a Truffle Mushroom Melt, Ox Tail Melt, and the Cubano Sandwich (with pork belly).


We were happy with this choice of Melts, but just wait until 10am to enjoy Nico's Salad, Nico's Deli, Vegan Schnitzel, Chicken Schnitzel and Salt Crust Pork.

Not to mention we also sipped and savoured espresso coffee by Seven Seeds. A highly enjoyable experience in the heart (if not "filling") of Fitzroy.