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Bottomless Brunch with Licor 43 at Asado

Spanish liqueur Licor 43 has teamed up with popular Southbank restaurant Asado to create the perfect Bottomless Coffee Cocktail Brunch to satisfy the foodies and coffee lovers alike - a Melbourne first in dedicated bottomless coffee cocktails. We were invited to a media preview of this stunning offering.

You need to get in quick. The new brunch menu is available for a limited time only, from the 18th February to the 18th March and is $130 per person for a two hour sitting with guests treated to a delicious selection of dishes inspired by Argentinian and Spanish fusion and tempting coffee cocktails.

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Coffee cocktails and Argentinian food for the win. Licor 43 is the perfect liqueur to accompany coffee. Its delightful taste and golden lustre is derived from an age-old recipe consisting of 43 natural ingredients.

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The cocktails on offer include the Shaken Espresso 43, a delicious cocktail that combines the bitterness of coffee and the Mediterranean citrus notes of Licor 43. Also available is the Tiki 43, which displays a refreshing combination of citrus juices, espresso and rum pairing perfectly with the citric nuances of Licor 43, as well as a refreshing Licor 43 Sangria.

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To accompany the cocktails is a set menu of mouth-watering dishes such as Empanada De Carne, Ocean Trout Ceviche and Roasted Chicken with Salsa Brava (my favourite dish). To finish it off, dessert will be an Alfajor, an Argentine cookie filled with dulce de leche.

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Asado pays homage to the incomparable style and culinary ethos of slow-cooked barbeque, while spicing things up with Spanish flair.

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The Bottomless Coffee Cocktail Brunch is inspired by Australia’s love of coffee cocktails and the ever-rising trend of coffee culture continuing to sweep the nation.

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Licor 43 emits a bright golden glow that reflects its Mediterranean heritage. Although perfect when enjoyed with or without ice, its flavours are so harmonious that it simply invites other ingredients, such as coffee, to be mixed with it and is extraordinary in its versatility.

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To book the Bottomless Coffee Cocktail Brunch head to