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By The Glass Armadale Wine X Sam Dinner

Amazing wine dinner at new European style wine bar By the Glass in Armadale featuring wines by WineXSam.

This was our first time visiting By the Glass and we (David and Daniel) were highly impressed with the food and wine, engaging staff and intimate modern moody vibe.  (They refresh their menu every six weeks and provide customers with a journey in wine, both local and international).

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Savvy wine destination in Armadale.

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Sam Plunkett brought out current vintage still in fermentation for some extra fun.

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Kangaroo tartare at it's finest.

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It was special to connect with legendary Australian winemaker Sam Plunkett from WineXSam at this wine and dinner experience. Sam gave us a special fun taste of a current vintage 2023 wine in fermentation, in addition to the featured wines of the evening.

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We’ve been a fan of Sam’s wines for several years and we savored every mouthful of WineXSam Prosecco with oysters, the Riesling with Kangaroo Tartare, Primitivo with Poached Parsnip, Cabernet Sauvignon with the Lamb racks, and Viognier with dessert. 

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The 5-course menu hit the high notes including -
Kangaroo Tartare with Saltbush Pasta Frites 
Poached Parsnip on a bed of cabbage 
Lamb racks with pea velvet, with roast potatoes and braised carrots 
Caramelized Brioche with butterscotch and custard 

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A great wine dinner (there were 3 sittings) at a venue that excels at hospitality.