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Super Bowl Pho & Bun Bo Hue


Super Bowl Pho & Bun Boe Hue in Victoria Street Richmond is a stunning Vietnamese restaurant and one of the best in Melbourne.
From years in the industry with acclaimed Red Rock in St Kilda and a restaurant in Footscray the Hoang family are back after a stint in Seattle USA.
The menu concentrates on fresh high quality cuisine (nothing frozen) and authentic recipes from the regions of Vietnam. Sometimes I get confused at restaurants when they have over 100 items on the menu but Super Bowl does well to narrow it down to specialty dishes. The World Loves Melbourne enjoyed dining as guests of Super Bowl.
Personally I enjoyed Super Bowl (clever name) as being distinctive in its fit out (top end furniture including high back timber chairs and chandeliers, as well as compelling Vietnam themed wallpaper) and its unique broth flavours. Here you will enjoy a classic Beef Pho but also a more spicy broth with the Spicy hue round rice noodle soup with pork loaf soup.


Check out the amazing wallpaper above - Vietnamese image artistically presented.


Super Bowl is also distinctive in its Ha Noi style spring rolls with pork and prawn. The filling is exceptional (and generous) and its the crunchy outer casing of fried rice paper that is sublime. Wrap it in the lettuce cups provided and add noodles, mint, cucumber and chilli sauce.


The Freshly wrapped rice paper cold rolls were a treat, generous rolls full of pork and shrimp and a touch of mint. Dip in the peanut sauce and nuts (on the side for those who suffer allergies).


The Fried Wontons with pork and chicken were wonderfully golden and crispy and I could eat them all day. 


Super Bowl is in a great location in the heart of Victoria Street Richmond with large windows, concrete floor, slate tiles on the wall, the quality furniture aforementioned, and large menu tastefully mounted on the wall. This is among the best fit outs in the precinct. 


Super Bowl serves up delectable pho such as the Special Beef and Chicken Combination Pho above. Quality meat cuts thinly sliced and superb broth. The bowl above is dwarfed by the massive super sized bowl - a pho that could feed around 4 people for just $17. Hats off if you can finish the super bowl pho.


My wife and I loved the Beef Pho but were struck by the Spicy hue round rice noodle soup with sliced beef and pork loaf soup. This broth was different to the pho (chilli and lemongrass) and we enjoyed the spicy kick of the broth and the meat combination (various meatballs). The dish is a central Vietnamese classic.


Another specialty is the Broken rice, a South Vietnamese classic with pork chop, shredded pork, egg, meat loaf cake, vegetables, cucumber, tomato, and the broken (short) rice. I found this to be an excellent version with the hero being the chop and the delicious broken rice. Just dip in the fish sauce.


Another winning dish was this Vermicelli noodles with char grilled marinated pork and spring rolls. So fresh and intense flavours to the fore. I love the char grilled meat against the vermecelli. The idea is to mix it all up into one great salad. For $9.50 this is crazy good value.


Super Bowl serves interesting desserts such as this Three Colour drink from the family's roots in South Vietnam, which includes beans, crushed ice with coconut, and jellies.


The Young coconut drink was also superb as was the Iced coffee (which features condensed milk).


Super Bowl dishes are impressive and great value (prices are extremely reasonable).


The service is impressive with family members involved at every level. Super Bowl exudes a warmth and a joy.


Super Bowl is a standout in Richmond and Melbourne. Great for kids as well (suggest wantons and fried rice). Highly recommended.