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Indulging in Boutique Yarra Valley - Medhurst Wines


The World Loves Melbourne enjoys a premium wine region, and the Yarra Valley is right on our doorstep. In a flash you can drive from Melbourne out to world class wineries in the Yarra Valley. Check out our Best Yarra Valley Wineries.

Having visited many wine regions in Australia the Yarra Valley stacks up in terms of wine quality and winery facilities (the cellar door is still relatively new). Medhurst Wines is an attractive option for those looking for great wine, but also somewhere to dine and enjoy sensational views...

The Cellar Door and Cafe at Medhurst Wines is an impressive structure and one notices the large windows and spaciousness. Medhurst have won a number of architecture awards for their winery, including the production facilities...


Medhurst Wines offers a decent selection of cuisine on its lunch menu, but as we often do, we chose several platters (paddles) to enjoy with wine. The produce here is fresh and the platter generous. Medhurst uses Victorian produce and the meats, relish, Healsville sourdough, and terrine were outstanding. While many dined indoors we elected to enjoy the outside ambience, even on a hot day...


The Fisherman's paddle also excelled with Buxton smoked trout pate, Huon smoked salmon, white Italian anchovies, and fresh veggies.

Order your food and wine at the Winery counter, then sit back at the long table with a glass of white...


Medhurst Wines is an ideal place to bring out of towners, to relax and take in all that is good about an Aussie winery.

Says the website - 

"Medhurst Wines is the realisation of the long held and shared vision of Ross and Robyn Wilson to own a property in the Yarra Valley and produce high quality wines. Ross was CEO of Southcorp and drove the company’s acquisition of Penfolds, Lindemans and Wynns in 1990. He has remained passionate about wine ever since. 
Ross and Robyn Wilson spent years looking for the perfect site and for many reasons they jointly decided on the Yarra Valley. Robyn Wilson spent her childhood here, and the Australian and international status of this excellent cool climate wine region and its incredible beauty, helped make their decision. 
The Medhurst Vineyard was also particularly chosen for its favourable microclimate, north facing slopes, good drainage and magnificent aspect. It was planted in 2000 with chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon and shiraz. 
With the sole objective of making the best wine possible, careful vineyard management ensures yields are low, averaging two tonnes per acre and providing intensely flavoured fruit. 
Each parcel of fruit receives the same care and attention in the winery as in the vineyard. New and older French oak is used after considering the potential for each parcel. The wines that result are released only when they are ready and are of the standard to which Medhurst is committed. At all times quality is paramount." 


Check out the magnificent views of the grounds and vineyards...


Also from the website - 

"As well as each of the varieties grown – Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz – Medhurst makes a Rosé from its low cropped Cabernet and Shiraz fruit. 
With 15 hectares planted, quantities are limited but the passion and care that goes into the wines is boundless. Matt Steel, the former chief winemaker at Domaine Chandon, has joined Medhurst to bring his extensive experience making the highest quality cool climate wines and ensure that the quality grown in the vineyard is expressed in the wines. 
Our new state of the art winery has been designed by Folk Architects and has recently won the Victorian Architectural Award for commercial design. The winery features underground barrel storage and sits in harmony with it's hillside setting. 
The Wilson family are committed to Medhurst. It’s a long term journey and as the vines age the wines will continue to evolve. They will always be the best wines that can possibly be made from the Medhurst vineyard."


Presentation of the food is superb and service was excellent...


Medhurst Wines is a standout in the Yarra Valley, and is a short drive off the beaten track, revealing itself as a treasure.